Spies, betrayal and Valryon

I had flown with Valryon on numerous occasions and to tell you the truth I thought he was an ok guy.

Group dynamics are alway tricky and in the end our corp was not for him , he seemed to be still keen on the anti-criminal active side of eve and I encouraged him to set something up that he was happy with .

Now enters into the story our favourite Bandit Princess
@Aiko_Danuja and her blog. It seems after a run in with our boss, Valryon thought it best to run off to her for a shoulder to cry on.

Someone from AG suggested Valryon was an alt of Aiko or a spy, this I find hard to believe as the content of the the information was all the wrong way round, who sent the mail’s and who said what . After all we know about safety treacherous backstabbing spies from our own glorious heroic fearless spies.

The only sad thing about all this is he told her of our super secret tactic for killboard padding, not sure how we can ever recover from this.

The notepad trick!!!
At least he never revealed the" Wah manoeuvre".
Or the Felix puff the magic dragon trick.

And it’s a good job he forgot about our galactic wide alliance. Setup to fight crime within the 4 empires and it’s borders but that’s another story

On a side note, never be put off from killing pods by what the gankers say, some gankers forget to change clones and drop juicy fat one’s.

I wish Valryon the best of luck what ever he decides to do but please be careful with the Bandit Princess and remember Subcoach and others like him .

Join us and fight all crime in the cluster.




Perhaps the NEPF could benefit from some psychological screening, during recruitment?


Shhhhhhhhh! You said you’d never mention that night again!

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Funny how 4 people have looked at the pod kill :smiley:

well then I never would have gotten in.
but maybe tighten it up a bit heh

Let’s all welcome this blatant alt to the forums!

Welcome! XD

Calm down notepad tricker.


Imagine being bad at the most important aspect of EVE.

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Luckily we are good at that in most cases, but yes I know what you mean

This is what I have say, for listen you very import.

Antigunker greefer tactics are display on here, for proof they apply illegal out game automated software applicate, NOTEPAD, using as illegal overlay for purpose in game advantage to maximal killboard padding. Is blatant violation and should be brought before International Court of Roleplaying Games, for benefit of all player who play game normally and do not use illegal.

I hereby issue you, Uwu_Jonestown, with a ticket for ‘Crimes against Grammar’

Please deposit your fine in the NEPF Corp wallet, thank you


I also believe Aiko has an outstanding bill. Our notepad trick or the real one has made us billions. As you got only part of it I’ll write you an invoice for half the amount.

@Aiko_Danuja please send NEPF 400mil

Any late payment will incur surcharges

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That made me think. What if zkill one day goes away, shuts down, finito? :thinking:

One day, @Githany_Red , no matter your resolve, you too will join the Dark Side.

I can wait.


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Shh, don’t tell them about that! It’s my secret weapon.

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This quote alone was worth this thread


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Damn… someone figured out that we were using something not already in the game…


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