Multi-monitor Setup Recommendations

Gonna be moving soon (next couple weeks), and looking to revamp my EVE setup upon move in. Right now, running triple 27" 1ms 2k displays (TN). Have the equipment here, and thinking of one of the following 3 setups:

1 - Keep current triple monitor setup.
2 - 50" 4K LCD as center, with 2 stacked 27" 2k’s on either side (I have an additional monitor I’ll steal from wife).
3 - Current triple monitor setup, with a 38" 21:9 IPS monitor mounted above the triple monitors.

I’m leaning toward option 2, but looking for other options/ideas. I’d like to be able to normally run 4 clients at once, with a monitor dedicated to web/support/comms, etc. The 4k as the center display would allow me to quickly ramp that up to 7 clients (run 4 on that display at 1080).

Is that too much screen estate? Will be sitting about 2.5 ft from the displays.


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Having more screen space is a nice option.

Check if you can run the 4 @1080 with the right resolution, not just screen splitters, but true resolution on the 50" with something like this.

Youll be able to see everything in your peripheral vision but youll have to turn your head to concentrate on details on the farthest edges. Enjoy.


I think I quad screen splitter might be a bit more than I’m looking for (though would definitely add it to a wish list for a future upgrade).

I’m not looking to immediately ramp up to 4 clients from 1, on the 50". Pretty much I’d run 4 clients on same machine at 1080 and if I have to drag them into position, I’d do that (machine running 50" and 1 of the 2k would be i9-7900X @ 4.8 GHz, and dual EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 in SLI). I don’t see an immediate need to jump quickly from 1 2 for clients on screen on the 50"… Though if things changed and that was a requirement, that quad splitter would be purchased as quick as I could click submit (after taking the wife out to dinner).

Thanks for the info on that splitter though. Didn’t realize that was a capability out there. Have it bookmarked.

I work (and play Eve) on a similar setup to yours (3x 24" side by side) and my neck hurts, to be honest.

I briefly had a larger monitor in the middle (28") like what you suggest but I found the experience to be jarring due to the edges of the screens not lining up.

From your list, I think #3 sounds the most interesting. But YMMV.

I’m not having any issues with now with the triple 27", but one of the reasons I posted this was concern of the size of the 50" and the constantly looking right/left.

I think you may be on to something. I think I can rig something to try #3 without getting a 3x3 monitor arm (which I’d need for final install). Let me check it out.

But that opens option #4 now… Buy another 27" and run 6 monitors, 2x3?

Then you’ll be craning your neck looking up all the time :slight_smile:

With that many (and with the 50" too) you’ll also want to make sure your desk can handle the weight. Even if they’re flatscreens, they aren’t exactly light.

Yeah, desk can handle it…

I think I’m gonna try a setup with #3 right now (triple 2k, and the ultrawide above them). See how it looks… I’ll also try mounting 2 2k’s to one side of the 50" to see how the dimensions work out…

Will wine, acting as a muscle relaxant, help with neck pain while playing?

No, but Voltaren might.

BTW, the distance to the 50" is a concern as well, I agree there. The optimal distance to sit from a 50" screen is actually two meters (seven feet), well past what you’re planning.

Check sites like this one for the explanation.

Wouldn’t mix IPS and TN together personally would go for IPS.
Same goes for TV monitor combo …well i can see my self using this kind of setup only if both monitors are secondary and not used for eve clients difference in size and position of bezels would murder me.

This is what pick my interest as well i like possibilities of them and plan to refresh aging 2x34" 21:9 monitors.

Two of new 38" would yield me even more screen real state with zero head movement to obtain information from monitors and mouse travel is also shorter doing vertical configuration.and as added bonus with monitors built in split screen option one can have 4 clients resolution 1980x1600(a bit better than 1080p) on a still large screen surface.

For my case of not going over 4 clients they are god sent but booting up 7 …i cant say… 4k tv + 2, over wall of monitors sound more appealing to what you decided when you do.

Thanks for the link!

I don’t think this is/will be an issue. The 50" I already have is used for simulation purposes, where I’m sitting just a little over 3 ft from the screen now, with no issues. I’ve run EVE on the display with no problems reading the UI. The concern I have is the screen real-estate and distance (after move) to the “wing monitors” using option #2.

Worst case is that I can wall-mount the 50" and pull the desk back ~ 6", which would be the same distance as where it is now in my current setup.

I get what the link you posted is getting towards… However, I’m giving up viewing distance for increased “immersion”. I guess the challenge (and what I’m looking for) is the balance between immersion on a single center display, and the peripheral effects/advantages/disadvantages of wing monitors.

Hmmm… I like the link to the image of the stacked ultra-wides! The UW I’d run above my triple display is the LG 38UC99-W.

I really like the stacked (up/down) layout. I think the ultimate would be 6 (2x3) ultra-wide displays!!!

But, I’m thinking that normally I’m logged in with a main, and 1 or 2 alts. I think having the main on 50" would add some immersion. If I had to scale up the clients… then I’m not worried about immersion or high quality graphics.

Side use of the machines is coding, which is a non-issue with any of the display configuration options.

Thank you for the thought of not mixing TN and IPS displays… Now have given me something else to consider.


Thats a 43 on the left and 5 24s and a 22 I need to replace with another 24. Lots of screen space, its not hard but is a bit high. Slight turns left or right to focus but nothing major. Usually running 1 client per monitor.

I wanted to turn the 43 into 4 monitors using that splitter but the cost was too much for me to consider it so I mostly just do my trading on it.

Its a lot of fun to have that much screen real estate to look at. I just need to get some decent stands for it.

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