Ultra-wide Pc monitor... what else?

I would like to know your experience with ultra-wide monitors, if they are good monitors to play EVE, I am creating a PC to play mainly EVE.
EVE is a program that develops horizontally, I was thinking that an ultra wide monitor should facilitate me in arranging the windows, the overview, etc. Is what I think correct?
But I have no experience with these monitors
The monitor I had in mind is this: LG 29WK500-P Monitor, 29 "21: 9, UltraWide, IPS LED, 2560x1080, AMD FreeSync 75Hz.
But I have a lot of doubts, can you advise me based on your experience?

Not sure, i had one did not like it, switched to a 65" main monitor, and 43" for second monitor, never looked back.lol

thanks for your experience, can you link the monitor models that you have? what graphic card? thx

Go 34" if you can 2560 will make ton of room horizontally but 1080 vertically is same as any 1080p monitor,
Upgrading resolution upgrade monitor price as well but ~3440x1440 kinda optimal.

I have 2* 2560 monitors, http://www.lg.com/es/monitores/lg-25UM65-P and can use 4 horizontally and without much problem eight screens open in windows 10 in these two minitors. And have the chance put two other monitors in the same pc. But… with the price of accounts now in high sec i am thinking in reduce my active accounts to eight, and two 2560 are enough.

In my country the 2560 monitors are expensive and no found more resolution than tahat. Fo the reposition cost i am thinking in when my monitors died, purchase Tinty brix gigabyte computers with two monitors and two instance. In my country have more sens use more computers instead better monitors, for resposition and disponibility but in five years very probable more machines with cheaper monitors.

I love my two monitors, btw.

Depends alot if you are a single char player or play multiboxed. Ultra wide might be a nice experience for a single player.

I’m likely poorer than the diehards so I just went 4x 24" at 1080p. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Inactive_Seller , Mina_Sebiestar
Thanks for reply, let me know your VGA card and whre are you from?

Thanks for reply
Yes, I play multiboxed every time from 4 characters to 8-10 maximun
You said an ultra-wide is a nice for single client game-style, but can those format create problem for multiboxing style game? If yes , what a problem?

Don’t know if any Eve related issues, but it looks like you can 4-way this monitor with software. Seems like a pretty nice unit.
Hopefully you find someone here who has used this with your hardware for Eve

Its NVIDIA geforce GTX 750 TI. Links :

By the way my setup its a i5 with 32gb of ram and eve in a ssd. My only problem is i am in Mxico and in my home internet is in copper line. Anyway this setup its excellent for me, but normally i have two programming screens ( html / editor ) and two barges some hours in the night, and can do in lesser monitors. but i love them. the 2560 are very very great difference versus 1920 monitors.

Monitor x2
GPU x2
Fancy pic

Will be home Friday and can post real screen shoot with top one running 1920x1080
vs bottom one running full resolution suffice to say that i will never own 16:9 monitor again
(that’s a lie i use laptop those are 16:9 sadly).

If you already made purchase congrats and ignore this response.

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