Playing Eve with ultra wider monitor (32:9)

Hi guys,

have anybody tried to play eve online with an ultra wide monitor (49", 32:9)?

What was your experice? Looks it good for single play?

I have a dell ultrawide 38" works great. Now that they have a 49 ill have to look into that for my old eyes…

Acer Predator 34" (3440x1440) here - works well. Eve looks amazing and I have tons of screen real estate leading to a better experience with the game.

I have a BenQ 38" ultra widescreen monitor, and will confirm that Eve looks very nice on ultra wide screen monitors.

Good God, I wish I could get some screenshots in superwide format.

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Would love screenshots also ^^

There is a new 84" ultrawide out in Aug cant wait to get that.

thats just 2 16:9s pushed together. Dual monotor setup. From 2006.

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