UI immersive setup/configuration - Is this possible?

Hi! I’d like to know if an arrangement like the one I have in mind is possible. I have a 3 monitor setup, and I’d like to have my “excel” stuff on the left one, a vertical Dell monitor (I’m a software engineer and I am just used to it), my tactical camera combined with the tactical overlay on my right side screen, and the first person camera at the bigger, center monitor.

Is that possible? I’d like to have a really immersive experience, sometimes I just like to wonder around new Eden when I’m not exploring. Also I’m thinking of adding a 4th monitor, a smaller one (maybe 15 inch) touch one, so I can use it just to interact with the hud.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately no, the elements of the EvE screen can only be moved inside of it, so you can stretch it across your 3 monitors, and position elements, so they appear on the monitor you want. However the space scene will be stretched too. Also you can choose only one camera at a time.

The ability to “undock” UI elements and position them on different screens would be useful for those running a single client but problematic for multiboxing. As Tipa pointed out, you can stretch the client across multiple monitors but that works best if they are the same size & resolution. You can also use 3rd party tools for some functionality like the market, fitting, map, skill planning

As others have said, you can stretch the client over multiple monitors. However, there is an option to offset the camera. I don’t know how far it will move the camera, but that might help to center your ship on your primary monitor. If so, you can then put other UI elements on the secondary monitor.

I’m not so sure that touch will work all that well with Eve. Some UI elements are small, you won’t be able to open context menus, and hotkeys are king. But, whatever floats your boat.

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