Theatre Mode (Secondary Display Functionality)

I have always wished to record screencapped EvE footage without the HUD, while still being able to play the game with a HUD on a secondary display.

Many other players have also requested multi-display functionality for use in-game. Perhaps the use of mirrored displays, each with their own interactable HUD elements, could be used with much creative force.

The capability of using two displays on EvE would not only help players like me record footage to edit and throw into a halfway decent EvE video, but would also help other players extend their HUD elements into a second display.

I understand this might not be the most practical or well-requested feature, but think of all the money you could be making off of player-made content, CCP… Think of all the money you are missing out on by not allowing mirrored displays with their own unique HUD elements!

Think of your children’s children’s college fund!


A way to do this would be to use a widescreen monitor and offset your ship to one side, leaving a full HD view on one side for the ship, and a full HD view of the UI on the other.

I have seen mamy streamers do something similar. The camera offset is a very nice feature that allows good functionality in the case of dual monitors being used for one gaming instance.

Perhaps if the other monitor allowed for a hidden cursor, this function would be perfected to my needs. Either that, or I learn to discipline myself enough to never jump my mouse into the recording screen!

The user would only suffer in that their UI screen would not have a display of their ship or the environment. This would cause difficulties if using doubleclick to manually fly, as well.

Perhaps I will have to find workarounds (and learn to fly with Q). Thank you for the suggestion!

If you’re using OBS, just line up both monitors in the canvas and set the left with no cursor and the right with a cursor.

I’m just starting the game for the first time, and I love the amount of info I can see/monitor with the windows, but I hate how much of the screen it takes up. I’m still trying out the Alpha, but I would DEFINITELY give Omega a run if there was a “dual monitor” feature for dragging windows and maps to my second screen.

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That’s how eve is meant to be played.

You can have the mouse hidden in recording based on your software and settings

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