Multiple Monitor Support

Are there any plans on making EVE a game that supports multiple monitors? These days, a lot of users have more than one monitor with their computer setups. I would love to have one monitor with my game play and another with all my open screens (D-Scan, Overview, etc)

Just a thought…


Plenty of eve players utilize multiple monitors

I do believe you can already have your game span across multiple monitors, drag your ship to one side and your UI to another.

Personally I prefer using the other monitor for all the other things I have open when I’m playing EVE, like dotlan, zkillboard, pyfa, evemarketer or other EVE clients.


That’s possible via the Camera Center slider in Display & Graphics settings. Your ship is always going to be where your camera center is.


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It is possible already (for monitors side-by-side). Use graphics settings “Window mode” to adjust the game window size to both monitors then change to “Fixed Window” to make the windows top bar disappear.

Then change the configuration “camera center” and check the option to move the settings window with the camera center.

He mean’s the UI element’s to exit the window mode, I’ve tried this stretchy crap and its horrible to play with xD. but I mean just get an ultrawide monitor and its plenty space tbh.

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