Eve online Multi Window Software

I’m looking for a good sofaware like Split Your Monitor’s Screen In Windows,
So I can easily run Eve online on the same screen .

That’s the only sofware must be able to do, I wish I could press launche and it opens all account up at the same time, and always in the same position, since they won’t run the same size!

Some programs I even have to put Eve online windows every time it is too cumbersome.
I dont want mulitibox sofaware.

Any have some Ide for software Good Multi Software i can try?

I use a tiling window manager for that on Linux. Not sure if something like this exists for Windows, but at least you now know what to search for.

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Thanks I would try to search for it :slight_smile:

Use windowed mode and drag the clients to the corners of the screen, that’s 4 sorted easily.

This is one of the Layout I use to generate up to 5 Windows per computer.
Of course, that varies depending on resolution, and a number of other factors.

The way to reach the windows is by either,

  1. clicking on the window on the screen by mouse.
    for instance:
  • The black window is top right most.

  • The geren one is right side most.

  • The red one can currently be hidden, but there is a way to adjust the other ones to make it reachable.

  • The blue one is top left most

  • and the Orange one is Bottom left most.

The only one curerntly hidden is the red one.

  1. The window can be reached by using the Task bar, and choosing the window name.

  2. The Alt-Tab key can switch between windows, in a sequential format.

For instance,
if you were to prolong the red window at the bottom and raise the bottom of the green window higher than the red one, the red one can then also be reached at all time with the mouse, always showing on the screen, and never making it possible to completely hide it at all times.

When mining with 5 ships, it takes as long to switch windows as it takes to fill the mining ship, and empty it (or them, as a matter of fact) into the carrying ship.

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