Feature Request: Add ability to "undock" or "pop out" windows when running client in windowed mode

(KarmicOzzie) #1

I have a computer set up that uses multiple monitors to run Eve, When playing any game windows that open remain inside the client window. With a lower resolution that makes it difficult to have several windows open simultaneously and constantly opening and closing different windows within the client makes gameplay difficult. If possible, the ability to “un dock” or “pop out” a window to move to another monitor would be incredible. Particularly the chat, and scan windows. While moving a window around within the client does help, the ability to use my 2nd monitor would be much better.

(Do Little) #2

You can stretch your window across multiple monitors. Many Eve players run multiple clients where the ability to undock elements of the UI could create confusion - I type in the wrong chat often enough as it is!

That said a 64 bit client is in the works but CCP haven’t told us much about it yet.

(KarmicOzzie) #3

While you can stretch across multiple monitors, that still causes a problem, visually speaking. On the right I have my overview and d-scan, on the left I have my chat windows, fleet windows, etc, and then right down the split is where my ship and modules are. The “spreadsheets in space” is bad enough without reinforcing the idea by making the actual visuals and gameplay completely irrelevant. (I like to watch stuff blow up, including me.)

It might be easier to do something where you can log into the same account from the same IP with two instances, one for certain UI elements, and one for other UI elements. That is probably overly complicated however.

(Steve Ronuken) #4

You know you can move where your ship shows up, and where the capacitor is, right?

you just drag the capacitor (by the inside) of it, and you use the camera center setting on the display&graphics menu when you hit escape.

(KarmicOzzie) #5

I did not. I will try that and see how it goes…

(Cassiel Seraphim) #6

It’s the Camera Center option under Display & Graphics. So you can offset it to that the “middle of the screen” becomes the middle of either of your monitors, instead of having each half on each monitor. So you can have your ship center on the left screen or the right one for example.

There’s one problem with the client stretching over multiple screens though … the target list is locked to align towards the middle. So if you want to run on two monitors, have your left monitor work as your primary window and just offload stuff on the right monitor, you’re stuck with the targets appear left-to-right. It’s impossible to get it to show up right-to-left on the left monitor. Similarly it’s impossible to get it to show up as left-to-right. You can toggle some things for the targets, like horizontal, vertical etc, but it automatically selects which way it fills up and you have no control over that.

That was the end of my tests, since I wanted them the other way … but perhaps you’re not bothered by that and can make it work :slight_smile:

(Benje en Divalone) #7

Might want to reign in the optimism a bit. It was mentioned as a possibility which hardly qualifies as a rock-solid promise. I put the likelihood of it seeing the light of day around the same as WiS 2.0.

A 64-bit port is a non-trivial exercise that’s best done as a total rewrite. The kicker is that absent any other improvements you’re more likely than not to get something that runs slower and uses more memory than its 32-bit counterpart. At best 64-bit code makes it less irritating to access more than 4Gb of memory and if that’s a problem your code really needs a rethink anyway.

(Raudur Froskur) #8

+1 +1 +1