Option to detach things like chat boxes, dscan window, probe screen from main client and have 'em run in a secondary client or dragged to second monitor

They’ll be balancing this game forever so it’s not like I’m asking to not prioritize game mechanics.

To have the actual gfx of this game take up the majority of your main screens real estate? That would be swell.
I currently play with 2 clients windowed over 1 40" monitor. The rear client has the overview exposed on the right while my main client is doing its thing. While the tabs help keep things orderly by having option to throw dscan and probe scan windows into the chat box is nice, I feel detaching those sort of windows, leaving only ship modules and overview on the main would be game changing and truly appeal to new players seeking space immersion as opposed to what we have now which is a bunch of chat and type interfaces with less than half of actual space gfx.

You can setup to use 2 monitors. Put all your windows in one and use the other for display.

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How do I detach 1 clients probe scanner from the screen and drag it to the second monitor? Dscan?
I can’t detach any windows from the client unless the client is spread across both monitors.


+1. I would like to have all my “Text based” panels in a remotely controlled window.


What is currently possible is to stretch the screen to two or more monitors.

I would like to have One Screen with the 3D Graphics in one monitor and a Separated Second Screen with just the commands, panels, windows, etc in the second monitor.


There is no reason why most of the Neocom apps can’t be re-engineered as cloud based micro-services. The problem with moving them outside the client is that a lot of us play more than one account at a time and you need to figure out which app belongs to which client.

Or you could upgrade to a 486 or even, gasp, a Pentium and then have graphics on both screens?

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