Second monitor Support for Information Windows

o7 Guys.

Not sure if the new UI “Photon” could support this but how awesome would it be if we could have a button on the main UI that when pressed, opens up a “Workspace” to allow positioning of information Windows used in EvE onto a Second Monitor.
For it to be truly useful, it would need to “Know” which monitor you want it to open on - EG, left of main display, Right of main display, and in rare cases of extreme gaming I suspect, top/bottom ?

I see two scenarios for this… One for Market/Docked up Use and one for PvP/PvE use.

I also foresee an issue in that if you run say 3 accounts and have one on each window there will be no spare monitor for the tab to pop up on so it would need some intelligence built in but sometimes when I play eve I don’t want to run 3 accounts and will quite often just run on my main.

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