A unified experience

What if the direction scanner would populate the overview tab instead of a separate tab.

And what if the local player list was merged into the overview tab but it would only show names. Distance, speed, ship type etc., would display unknown until people showed up on grid.

And then what if local chat tab was renamed to Grid and you would only be speaking to and seeing messages from people who was on grid when using it.

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Would be nice. Three good ideas. The ball is in CCP’s court.

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Thank you Traindriver.

In the end it seems like a fair amount of design and engineering work to do this and benefit for players will be relatively small. The main goal is to have less windows and a more streamlined UI without compromising on anything.

Populating the results of the Dscan into the Overview would not improve anything. What it would do is create even more clutter in an already overloaded window. It would remove already strained clarity and make the window even harder to use and comprehend.

Merging chats in the overview would make this issue even worse. How would you even chat with people in the overview. This suggestion makes no sense at all.

Combining windows with very different usage scenarios into one window does not streamline anything. Contrary, it would make the UI much less streamlined and much harder to use.

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The opposite is the case as well. Today when undocked in order to play optimally in most cases u must have 3 windows open. Overview, Dscan, and local list. Something can be better. But people wont believe it until they see it :slight_smile:

And you can check each window individually and get crystal-clear and actionable data from them. If you had all that data in one window, it would become highly frustrating and cumbersome to outright impossible to see what is going on around you.

Some people have already suggested a similar change in the past. They wanted to combine every chat into one and make it like the chat in WOW or Albion where you have a combined chat with all messages colorcoded according to their origin chat. This would make it extremely hard to see what is going on in chats in EVE and you’d still need the separate chats to have clearler ideas of what is going on specifically in those. It is just not a good idea to combine these UI elements because the separation offers much more clarity and functionality.

Cool idea. I have been wanting overview improvements for more than a decade. The recent addition of multiple overview windows is a huge game changer. I have one primary window for ships, npcs, collidables etc; one small window that’s always on pod warp; and a third window with Jump tabs showing stargates only and Dock tab with dockables only.

My number one overview request remains bookmarks in overview.

If this game somehow had merged dscan results, local chat and the overview all in one single window, I would be asking for three separate windows:

  • one for the objects with me on grid ‘the overview’
  • one window for the results of my latest directional scan
  • one window for anything chat-related

Having all these unrelated results all in one table would be a horrible user-unfriendly experience. Column names that are relevant for only some of the data and useless for the rest, hard-to-read dscan results hidden by the many objects nearby, unreliable results for everything when just the chat server is having issues…

It would be a disaster of a UI.

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I’m waiting for them to actually fix the broken overviews in newly created windows before I even think of asking for any more UI “improvements”.

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