So, couse CCP bans and erase posts for reasonable critics, I try this way

1 - make a filter for chats. Did you try to find a persone at JITA local as example?
How about to put as an option red - on a top etc? How about see contacts only (to find and invite to the fleet your window alt, as ex) . How about to filter local chat fleet only, aly only, to see who is in the system? Most of people leave at high sec - in all that garbage local chat disaster - filters will correct the situation.
2 - copy/paste. It is so good to use!
However, it is not normal functional at EVE
OK I am a corporate scaner. I scan signatures, describe them at notepad and make a mail broadcast to my corporation. What is wrong here? Correct: copy/paste does not copy links
So i have to waste from 20 minutes to an hour to make a normal mail with links and colors just because it is not copied - there is text only.
Make notes at the mail window? Not an option - after next regular disconnect from the server changes does not save. How about copy note from the notepad to the mail as attachment? Like we do with fits.
3 - map. YES! It is better, than you did initially with a new map. But it can be better
AsEx now I can filter map by pilots in space, OR industry level, OR faction war status. And I can not filter it by all three parameters. That does not makes more difficult to find a target - it is just not comfortable to use.
All this influence PVP aspects as forming fleet and local chat analyzing, collecting scan information, map analyzing.
Also I would like to have a WH router - kind of map that collects information about wisited WH and makes me a temporary map of WH I gone thru
Yes there are side projects, so it is possible.
How about CCP ingame tool?

@ISD, post belongs in #technology-research:player-features-ideas.



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No to 1 for reasons stated countless times.

I’m impartial to the rest

Give me a link to the thread
I do not understand why we can filter overview , but not local chat

Because if you can filter Local you make it infinitely easier to use local as an intel tool. Want to see a Hostile come into a system with 500 people in Local? No worries, they’re the only ones who show up!

As for #2 the issue with this is that if the link carries automatically then copy-paste out of the game breaks because you end up with this link thing that does nothing outside the game in the middle of your excel spreadsheet.

As for the map stuff, there’s very little incentive for CCP to spend their limited dev time on re-creating already functional third party tools as in-game tools. That’s just duplicating work on their part.

Also FYI the map doesn’t update instantly or completely (there’s some intentional fuzz to make it an imperfect intel tool), so rely on things like pilots in space at your own risk.

How you would display three different parameters on the map as it is now I’m not really sure. If you have a UI idea for that I’d post that rather than the vague request.

First one is not happening. Local should not easily display contacts. If someone is on your overview then they are close to you and can probably shoot you. But doing that with a system wide local is too much.

I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to do with the second.

Third, is not meant to be easy to find bad guys. It’s deliberately imperfect. But a WH map that writes itself as you and corpies travel through systems would be nice.

Not sure if you know of this one or not, but:


firs link that comes up with “eve local filter” when you search google and its just one of many

I know
I am talking about ingame tool w/o using side soft and resources.

Because if you can filter Local you make it infinitely easier to use local as an intel tool.

Ok. I live at nullsec
I do not see any problems with it.
Wars at Jita? So what? As usualy you find them at the gate. Problems?

As for #2
There is details how it works. As I say - how about to attach the note from the notepad to the letter? Like a drag and drop the fit from the chat window.

There is a bunch of text both of them with a general name.
I am not a coder. This is a suggestions topic. The tool is not comfortable to use.

WH tracker:

I scan around 8 years. I still use a sheet of paper to make a map. But there is a lot of information like a d-scan data, citadels, corporations, activity intel I save at the notepad. And then I give it to my corp with a mail or a few (a very short symbols limit at the mail for the normal scan intel)
Also to be easy to find information I use fonts, colors and links.
My normal scan data is aprox 3-4 notepad pages. Do you imagine how “comfortable” is to format same text making a mail for corp?
That is why I am talking about at least linking my notes or attacing to the mail.
It does not affects gameplay ballance. This is about usability of the tool.

Off course, you can run with a t-shirt instead of pants, but it is better to do it with comfort. It is a game - not an obligatory service. Let’s make it comfortable!

The game doesn’t revolve around null-sec. Yeah it’s a problem in jita, and other markets and popular systems. It should not be easier for a mission runner or miner to immediately know when a wartarget enters the system. It’s just not gonna happen.

The other two could be good. Though there are third party programs that can assist you.

You may not see a problem with it, but CCP does (they’ve explicitly stated they aren’t happy with local and they never intended for it to be used as intel). I’m inclined to agree with CCP, it’s too much information.

SOME information is good, but said information needs to be of equal benefit to both sides; I feel local provides too much information to the residents of a system.

I linked a service that will make it not only comfortable, but downright easy - both for the people scanning and for the people looking for the info you scanned down.

Expecting CCP to spend dev time on something that already works somewhere else is silly; just use the somewhere else tool.

Their resources are limited, and fixing bugs / generating content is far more important than reinventing the wheel.

Never understood why ccp felt local was to much Intel but still links kill mails to the api

This is not applicable to all situations CCP should not be relying on third party applications to make a proper user experience

Because the epeens of the masses would rapidly deflate. Hard to bust a nut to your killboard when it’s empty :eggplant:

While I agree that CCP “should have done it better”, the end situation is that they did it poorly and someone else fixed it with a third party app. I agree it’s bad form to rely on 3rd party apps, but if the shoe fits, it frees them up to fix things that third party apps cannot fix, until such a time as their development resources can do a major overhaul on all of the related sections.

That said, specific to wormhole route tracking, what is a “proper experience”? They wanted wormholes to feel like an endless maze, with new undiscovered things at every turn, frought with danger, easy to get lost in. At least, I think they did… don’t cite me there. Making tools that map out wormhole connections seems to break that by making traffic of the masses much MUCH easier.

I Just meant in general. Like i feel the time they spent on ghost fitting was well worth it.

As to wh they don’t want it to feel like an endless maze. They want to cater to whiny ass hats who want the status quo kept.

They need to turn wh back to what it was meant to be, an inhospitable unpredictable mess. Remove statics, change things with no warning to the players, remove wh ids and add in more variety to mass lifetime ect.

Or at the very least add in a section of space that works like this.

I disagree… I still go to pyfa 10 times out of 10 when I build or tweak a fit. Even having to import/export (either via clipboard or API) it’s still far faster, far easier, and just as accurate.

The time they spent on the ghost fitting window changed nothing (for me), which means that if my perspective is common, they literally wasted their time.

Had they basically just ripped off pyfa or EFT, and shoved that in-game, I’d definitely agree it was time well spent. But they made their own thing, and although it provides some information, it still provides less than pyfa and it is far less user-friendly to boot.

I’m on board with that! Then again, I don’t go into wormholes unless I’m going direct to a highsec market hub to save myself some courier fees, or if there’s a pvp roam requiring attention, so I don’t really have any skin in the game lol.

You don’t, CCP and what certainly looks like a majority of players do.

CCP have flatly stated they don’t like Local’s role as an intel tool and there have been signs for years that they’re looking at reworking that. Likely using the new Observatory Arrays coming with the new structures at some point.

What you’re asking for is specific to you and your formatting and a lot of the info you seem to want on there shouldn’t be on a map in-game because it makes it too easy to collate and share, and would likely result in exploits since a lot of that data currently MUST be gathered manually.

Sometimes things in a game are intentionally ‘uncomfortable’ or difficult or whatever because they’re really powerful and the game devs want to discourage them or make there be a cost for them but either can’t or don’t want to ban them out right.

In a more general sense games should never be too comfortable because otherwise there will be no challenge. I could envision a game feature where you just d-scan a fleet and then based on that the hangar automatically fits out a bunch of ships, spits them out to a list of players, and sends a pre-set mail explaining how the doctrine works.

That would certainly be ‘comfortable’ but it would basically be automating the game and that takes away from playing the game and making decisions. It’s why the vast majority of games don’t allow automation of the game systems.

And best for last.

It’s possible that a drag and drop could work, since that already works some other places in the game, but it depends on the backend code setup and it could be quite difficult to do. The system clipboard is easy since basically everything has access to it whether it wants it or not, not everything in Eve has easy access to information in every other part of Eve.

This piece of your suggestion at least seems like a suggestion for the Little Things thread (remember to use the correct formatting so CCP Karkur’s tool picks it up).

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