Extra options especially for 4k screens and multiple clients

Me, and many with me today and certainly more to come, play EVE on a large 4k screen in high resolution, also playing alot of clients at same time. I usally limit myself to as many as I can fit into one full screen, and with the taskbar for startmenu aside I end up with a 1250x1050 resolution for 6 clients. However if I sometimes play in other resolutions and to find myself back in all clients (since they all in some way start in same resolution as the last active or closed client) is a pain often, since I’d like to be symetric and have it just right.

Hence I suggest that you make it possible to edit and SAVE to list and remove any amount of resolutions of your own choice to the list besides the regular standards (which don’t matter when you play in window-mode anyhow), and maybe even label them - so I can have one optimized for 6 clients, one for 4 and other option that might be suitable.

I really like the music in EVE, but if I start it in one client and then start 5 others it’s just messy. The settings should be remembered here by unique client or even charachter - as it is now I always turn all music of instead to avoid this problem. I usally start and stop many clients during a day, so as it is now it’s no use to try using the music. Perhaps it should be some option to limit the music to one client max or something.

Just limit it to one client per PC would be a good start

alts are why we cant have nice things

That would be a terrible suggestion and would make MANY MANY players to leave EVE with all their accounts - not unlikelly it would be the end for CCP due to a very big loss of money each month.

Create an own thread if you got other topics than this thanks.

You’re playing 6 clients on one monitor in Window Mode in Hi-Res? The thought of that makes my eyes bleed.
How big is your monitor?

Oh no… I go full “potato mode” - all crap on lowest :wink:

Monitor is 49", to play in 4k and be able to see good I think takes about 40"+, otherwise stuff can get silly small when doing so many clients at same time side by side. You can scale UI so if you only play one client it’s no problem and then also in Hi-res.

When you switch to windowed-mode then the client will accept any resolution you let it have.


You set and edit the size by resizing the window itself.

Indeed, and that’s what I do and have a LOT of extra work with due to the fact that I can’t SAVE the ones I usally change between. It’s to save my own configurations that’s my suggestion so I fast and easy can reset all clients to it when they open in wrong resolution. But I might have said it bad so I edited the text to make that more clear, tyvm for making me aware of that.

How about something like this:

One extra note… After I just had played around with the window mode of the eve client did I restart the clients after the downtime and they both came up with the size I had given them above (1612x903). This means the launcher or the client somehow is capable of remembering the window size.

Yes, it does remember the last size in some way, so that’s not the problem. The problem is when I wanna change between for example 1250x1050 (to use 6 clients side by side) to 1875x1050 (to use 4 clients side by side), then it’s not in any memory any more. That’s why I’d like to have my own favorite resolutions in the list to quick be able to change for the 6 to 4 client optimization. To fix that individually and get the pixels just right is alot of extra work each time.

I looked at the Sizer and tried that, thought it was the solution I needed, but EVE doesn’t seem to pick up the sizes I enter to it - so it seems it didn’t work =/ Was a good idea though.

The default sizes come from the graphics driver afaik. Maybe look for a tool, which allows to change or extend these. I also found these links:

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