EVE client resolution below 1024x768


I would like to know if there’s is any 3rd party tool than can shrink the EVE Client below the resolution of 1024x768?
Of course, using that tool should not result in a ban of EVE :wink:

What I mean is, using FullHD monitors an want to have running 2 or 4 clients simultaneously you need the client having
a resolution of 960x520 (4 clients) or 960x1040 (2 clients).
As EVE officially supports only 1024x768 all clients are always overlapping.

I only found a similar question from last year, but no answers.

What I tried was using Microsoft PowerToys FancyZones but obviously it didn’t shrink the window belown 1024x768.
I heard about ISBoxer but I’m not sure if I can try this without being banned because it’s able to automate mouse
actions for several clients, right?

EO-Preview don’t work neither because you can only vary the resolution of the previews and not the real
EVE client.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and kind regards
Vile Gangster

EVE’s System Requirements explicitly mention that The minimum screen resolution for the EVE Online Client is 1024x768.

Anything below and you’ll run into unsupported territory and unknown behavior.

Hi ISD Drew,

I know about the System Requirements but if I use a solution on my own risk would this be a bannable reason?

So, I found a software that will simulate several monitors on my monitor, even with their own taskbar and so on.
And will shrink the 1024x768 EVE client into that simulated window. It’s a bit like the preview windows from EO-Preview where you can have a 1920x1080 client preview in a for example 192x108 window.
The aspect ratio is not 1:1 because of the simulated taskbar and the border of the EVE client, but I can live with that.

I’ll not post a link to that software without your permission, if I break some rules I don’t wann aget in trouble.
But if it’s ok I would like to share this info with the community.

It’s NOT a free software but it’s not expensive.

Moving the Windows taskbar with the software from bottom to the right site and disabling it and hide the taskbar of the original Windows, the aspect ratio is fine and all clients look good now.

Thanks and kind regards
Vile Gangster

So, since unfortunately neither a positive nor a negative answer comes whether I may call the software I assume tacit approval :wink:

The software is called “DisplayFusion” and has several other functions besides monitor splitting.

I hope the info helps one or the other concerning the splitting of the monitor.

Vile Gangster

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