Am I allowed to use OBS to capture eve, then only show specific parts of the UI?

I’d like to use OBS to only show a few windows in Eve. It can record a specific window (the game), then crop it in several places, before showing it in a preview window.

I only want to do this because I have one monitor. I’m not multiboxing nor do I want to input broadcast. I would just like to monitor the game while doing something else.

I’ve seen a few posts (1, 2) about something similar to this, but they don’t clarify whether this is considered “modifying the game UI”. It wouldn’t make any modifications to the game, and I have a hard time seeing how this would give me an unfair advantage over other players.

There’s nothing against the eula about recording the game.

Rule clarifications should always be done via Support (The GM team) →

Thanks for letting me know, I checked the support site but didn’t see an option for rule clarifications, so I assumed I should post this here. I’ll go do that.

Obviously only CCP can confirm you are allowed, but ill give you a little example of something I did a few years ago.

I had just got myself a new mouse, had extra buttons and you could set shortcuts for it, pretty standard but out of curiosity I opened a ticket and asked CCP if it was ok to make key combos for the mouse or if that was classed as automation. I’m talking a button for dscan a button for launch drones/recall drones etc. The answer I got back was so ambiguous at first I wondered if they understood what I was asking but it didn’t say stop.

I decided ■■■■ it. I’ve told them what I’m doing. I say just do the same.

Do you live in Highsec, Memcallen? Asking for a fiend…


No, I just want to turbokrab in nullsec in peace. But you can come to our space if you want. I hear we don’t have enough content.


Thats why you send them a message.

Why don’t you just log off?


You can run EVE through with UTM on an iPad or iPhone pro. Touch is terrible but you can do basic tasks or monitor the game.

It’s been my experience ( much like with the ISD) that if you ask five of them for a rule clarification, you’ll get five different answers.

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The same could be achieved if you only ask one of them 5 questions through out a year.

Change is real and decisions can change over time.