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so i was just flicking through youtube watching EVE Online Videos and i see people have sensored out locations and chat windows and such things, but it got me thinking about the game, even though it might be a big ask, how perhaps there might be some kind of in game record option.

the game itself obviously has a foreground and the game itself, the overview, and chat windows i’m guessing operate similar to overlays in video games and become present in the foreground of the client.

if the text for a location was the same, and all aspects of a ships UI such as capacitor, shields, armor, etc.

could we not get some kind of “underlay” screen recorder which would allow players who wanted to stream or record for youtube to record mainly the ship battles without having to sensor the information later and create a chunk of work during editing.

I figured this would be good for videos of combat but am not sure how it would fare for instructional videos. I think this could seriously help eve players who are content creators for twitch and youtube, with an easier way to record it might help get consistent tutorials on youtube (as things are changed mechanically in the game new videos need to be created to explain the changing mechanics) as well as simply more positive game play videos of the epic space battles EVE is meant to be known for.

the idea is to give the pilot the ability to record, while not compromising the quality of the recording because it has 4 or 5 over lays blurred out covering 1/3rd of the screen.

I admit it that this might be a big ask, but i think there is something too this, i have genuinely no idea if there is a different or better way to do this, i just figured having the ability to have everything in one place or with further ease of access to the person doing the filming would be a pretty nice idea.

perhaps as a side project and on the new eden store as a separate free download for those interesting in perusing that.

My videos with 2 frames per seconed because of how bad it it

It would be nice to have the option to record a separate window (with the game view only) and the UI is displayed elsewhere. But most capture software makes it pretty easy to add an overlay to remove sensitive information. This removes the requirement of rendering the video an extra time just to add the censorship overly.

True, however I was also thinking that it might help improve the visual asthetic quality of the videos we see out there online, some people have been asking for a cinematic mode, not that this would be cinematic, but it would capture more of EVE’s visual beauty especially now the graphics have been upgraded, including ship hangers and alliance logos. people who want to record and then later edit or upload large fleet battles would have a clearer and easier effort, if things were easier i think there would be more people making EVE youtube videos. but thats just my humble opinion, i have no evidence to support that.

enters dock 5 hours later gets station loads relizes that they forgot somthing

honestly, i think flag ships should have camera mods, it’s really what those ships were made for

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