What is EVE for you? (Replay system)

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Little remark: My english is not so good, but it’s pointless to write this in russian section of the forum.

Back in 2010 I started playing this game with another character. I didn’t have powerful hardware. Sun was like orange circle on my screen.
I watched the сinematic trailers and saw the beauty of the Universe in this game. The beauty of big and bloody battles.
Now we have dx12 and 64 bit client. This beauty is from the trailers and imagination went into the picture on my screen.
9 years ago, I remember the first ship I lost on a mission in lowsec. Today I have thousands of killmarks on my killboard history this character and other ones. I saw here friendship, betrayal, deception. Eve is a memory to me.

Today I want to ask you: “What is EVE for you?”

It was a lyrical introduction to my proposal.

I suggest introducing a replay recording system.
Despite the beauty of dx12 we often do not see anything beyond the mountains of spreadsheets in this game.

I think it would be possible to record the logs of game events directly to the client’s computer by pressing the record button and then using a special stripped-down version of the client to play the event data.

This will allow you to record your own cinematic trailers, analyze replays of fights in detail, work on your mistakes. This will enable the community to generate tons of media content, which will attract new people to the project. Many will not be attracted by the tables that we see on the records from YouTube now. But the beauty of the space that lies behind them-Yes.

This will allow me and others to keep their memories in the brightest color.

Thanks for your attention. Once again I apologize for my poor English.

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Your English was fine for communicating this suggestion, and I understand entirely why you’re asking for this.

I have permanently burned into my memory a death in lowsec Aridria. I’d scouted a gate in a velator and gone back to get my poorly fit thorax, which I had cobbled together from an extremely poorly stocked market, and on my way out, at the gate, met up with a lowsec microgang, which killed me.

But, what I saw on my screen…oh wow! For some reason I was zoomed in on my ship, it was horizontal, and rising from behind it on the screen was a second thorax like an orca whale breaching the water. The 2nd thorax was a part of the gang, and I watched as they blew up my ship. That thorax rising behind my own…I have never forgotten, and I would give much to have a screen shot of it as the image was so rare in my experience in EVE. It was close up, it seemed slow motioned, and that moment, really, meant something to me. The visuals gave the whole encounter a visceral quality I’ve never forgotten.

I’ve no idea if this idea would be easy or difficult to implement, but if it is easy I would totally support this idea.

Tangential I want to note that Windows 10 now has a built-in recording feature,
the default hotkey for activating the overlay being Windows+G.

Having a replay feature would be nice,
though in the mean time recording is as easy as pressing a hotkey (look it up :p).

In windows 10 i can record video only ) But i told about replay in this topic) Replay means that you can stop on pause, hide interface, look from other ship, make some cinematic videos and others)

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3rd party applications only record what you see on screen. That means that you cant select quality of graphics after the fact. With replay capture function that uses game engine to play them you can change the quality as you see fit plus, as mentioned above, you can see the battle from any point of view (expect other players’ UI). In-game replays also take MUCH less space compared to usual video formats.

The caveat lies in the implementation - if it used precisely recorded and timed network packets for playback it would be easy to produce fake videos for malicious intent on top of allowing to easily analyze network traffic of the game.

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