New Feature: Tactical Replay

EVE Online Need a Replay Feature. So that we can analyze in detail how we lost or won a fight or battle.

I’m not referring to a video recording feature. But in fact a Tactical Replay based on a type of Log-File that would allow you to play, pause, change camera position, hover the camera over the battlefield, and more…

I had seen a good implementation of this feature on Star Wars: X-Wing (1993 PC Game) and also in the subsequent games.

Would it not be nice to be able to replay an EVE Epic Battle of two thousand players, from any position, without suffering with Time Dilation.

I’d personally love to see the implementation of this feature…!!!

Youtube: The Best of Star Wars X-Wing Alliance
"The Youtuber produced most of the scenes of this video using the replay tool of the game".

Regarding the last quote, you know you can record scenes by detaching the tac-cam and pressing CTRL+F9 right?

Dude, it’s usually 3rd pary developed fetures that allow to do so. May be EVE doesn’t have so much funs or youtube allows you to do so without any apps nowdays))


Replay isn’t equal to video recording. Good replay allows you to reconstruct and playback the scene with free camera or many cameras available so you can analyze the ongoing action from many perspectives. It is usually made with the game engine tools and is a common subject for singleplayer games.

For the MMO game such is EVE it could be overkill to implement because replay should be not only for solo PVP or PVE but also for any other case such as massive 1000+ battles. This could impose many restrictions and problems. So the profit likely would not beat the efforts to implement such feature.

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