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Looks like I’m reopening a topic that was only meagerly discussed: Feature idea: The “combat action cam”

When performing most tasks in Eve, you’re usually looking at menus for distance, targeting, speed, damage, etc. It might almost be done in a classical text interface. And that while the aesthetic of Eve is amazing, and is probably a strong selling point. I sometimes [look at] the ship I’m attacking, just to see it spectacularly blow up. Sometimes I follow my drones and focus on my enemy from there. But this takes management, while I need to put my management in other things.
Now, in racing games, you have the Replay. And you know how that goes: the makers set up various cameras in spectacular angles that swap back and forth during playback. It makes the replay much more interesting, dynamic and active than it would be in zoomed out mode. Is it an idea to try this for Eve? An Action Cam mode?
You can have cameras that show the player’s ship from up close in a spectacular angle, automatically switch to drones with focus on the enemy, follow a missile towards impact, automatically show the explosions you create, perhaps the odd insert of a screen with a terrified Sansha pilot, like you have in the tut, etc. It might make the game more interesting for mining and ratting, which can be pretty repetitive?
About the response to linked discussion: I think we’re in brainstorm mode here, and CCP can figure out how much dev time this takes. The question is: would you use it, while putting out the old Rattlesnake in Null, or doing a mining op for 2 hours?
I know I would.
Thank you and best regards,
Dath Raka

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I love the idea but I also love the idea of camera drones but I don’t think we’re going to see those either so good luck my friend

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