Separate Camera Window for Active Targets

Hi everyone!

If you’re like me, you really want to look at what you are targeting and killing up close to see exactly what you’re up against and where they are headed.

This creates a problem when you also need to keep an eye on the field, your fleetmates, and the relative location of incoming ships on the grid. There are various ways to look at things, but they are all rather clunky, and having to reset your camera each time is a pain!

In this modern age of technology (both in game and real life) would it not be unreasonable to suggest a smaller, separate, adjustable (and of course, optional) window that shows another view of what your active target is, close up, relative to your main camera?

I have a decent sized screen and QHD resolution looks marvelous in game, along with it I have plenty of open space, even with my standard more-than-I-need amount of windows open. I can’t help but wonder, while I enjoy the vast backgrounds of space, how much more useful it would be to have simultaneous views of your environment AND your target.

This would also allow players to appreciate the really cool particle effects and models that the amazing EvE artists have worked so hard to create, effects that are usually subdued due to the sheer distance you need to keep away from the action to know what’s going on. Imagine being able to see all the important things you need to see AND your lasers hitting that cruiser from 60km away!

I’m not sure how tough this would be from a programming standpoint, and while I’m sure many people do have plenty of space in the game, others I’m also sure struggle with not having enough, so making this optional would probably be a must.

As time goes on, resolutions and screen sizes will only get bigger, and this tool will go along way for both aesthetics and function.

Just an idea. Thanks!

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