New gun tracking camera suggestion

Hey guys I just had an idea. When your doing any sort of combat it would be cool if there was a camera angle button that was third person on the ship guns tracking the target aside from the target tracking camera that already exists in the game. I think this camera angle would be cool to see and give a better view of the guns and what your shooting then what currently is possible. This could work for mining lasers as well. It would be especially cool for people that are eve online creators on twitch and youtube and would serve for more visually appealing gameplay that could get more people to come to the game. What do you guys think? do you have any other camera related suggestions or tweaks that could make the game more visually appealing then it already is?

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Right click enemy ship, [Track], mousewheel to zoom in on your own ship. Put’s your camera right next to your ship while looking at the tracked target. This is what you were after right. You can also enable advanced camera controls in the options menu and this will add more options, probably the ones you would b after.

Even better one of the buttons to the left of your capacitor enables you to detach your camera from your ship entirely. Use the left click to angle your camera like normal and the right click to move it around. Mousewheel moves the camera forward and backward. Familiar controls if you have ever played “Black and White” before.

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