First Person Camera

Lately I’ve been using the First Person Camera a lot more than what I used to do it, which basically was never. After giving another chance to this mode I started to enjoy the new perspective and all the beauty of New Eden, not only during travel between systems, but in diferent moments and situations of the game, I’ve even been using it during combat. I feel the more I spend time in first person view the better it gets.

There is a couple of changes I’d like to suggest that I think it would improve the gameplay when we use this camera.

First I’d like we have the freedom to rotate the camera in any direction, the camera should remain in that position without automatically reset to centered forward position, that would allow us to double click in space to change the ship movement in the direction we want, add a button / shortcut to reset the camera to the centered forward position.

Second allow us to use the track function that it is already available for the two other camera modes.

Those small changes would make easier to control our ship and see our surroundings when we use this game feature.

Displaying the tactical overlay in that view mode would also be helpful.


I agree with you, that would make it better.

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