Make First person from the ships bridge perspective?

imagine looking across the hull of your ship, and seeing your rows of guns firing away (I don’t use first person much anyway, this would add a cinematic element to it though, wouldnt it?

It would be very very cool but seldom used in actual activities.

You aren’t in the bridge. Allow me to provide a true visual representation from your pilot’s perspective:



Perv does have a point that you aren’t actually on the bridge of your ship , your stuck within your pod the whole time. yes, that pod. (The model scaling doesn’t do it justice sometimes i know)

not to say getting some better cinematic views wouldn’t be cool, but i don’t think their gonna let us have some. they’d have to pour more work of the art department seeing as i can zoom in on a venture and see the texture all digitized, which could also be a whole 'nother can of worms.

Hey ccp remember when you waisted all that time and resources on interiors for 4 stations?

Well now that your company is in even worse shape how about you try again but for every ship I the game

Also op you realise what you see in game is the first person representation of what your character sees right?

Some of us would be happy if they would simply maintain the camera viewpoint and zoom we’ve selected after a jump. That shouldn’t require a huge development effort!

Doesn’t it? I have never noticed a change

No. I like to look forward, along the spine of my ship to see where I’m going. It’s still a 3rd person view - but subjectively, I find it feels more like I’m flying the ship and the scenery tends to be more interesting. The client will not maintain this camera orientation after a jump.

Well if that’s the case then at the very least the current system helps discourage players from getting comfortable using a camera angle like that.

They did create a viewpoint for EVe that was similar to Valkrie, can control with wsad also.

The one without windows…

yes i know you know what pod I’m talking about, but does he?

the OP’s suggestion for first person was a viewpoint from within the ship just like Valkyrie, not the flight telemetries from a camera on the front like we currently have.

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