First Person View

(Ushio Ames) #1

I don’t know if anyone has touched on this subject. My first time being on forums. I was wondering, seeing as the first person view aspect of the game has like no uses, doesn’t even look at all entertaining, would it be possible to get a new style of first person view? Instead of the current, boring, pointless view box that no one ever wants to use really.

My idea would an actual cockpit like view. Not like fighter planes though. LIke sorta star trek status. multiple screen displays for when you scroll to look around. Each ship with its own style of bridge. of course each empire would have their own style, but what I’m talking about is like, the vengeance cockpit would look much different than that of a larger ship of that empire, such as a providence. maybe frigates would be smaller, more compact, less screens. Larger would have more space, more details on whats you can actually see on the bridge, more screens etc.

I think something like this would give the first person view a very interactive and more realistic and fun for people who may like to role-play like a captain or something. In general, just a very interesting idea in my opinion.

Any other thoughts or ideas on this? Will this or could this be a thing?

(Nevyn Auscent) #2

You don’t pilot your ship from a bridge, you pilot it from inside your pod.

(Ushio Ames) #3

hmm true true. I guess that makes sense. I always thought of the pod as like an escape pod or something like that. if thats the case, then there really shouldn’t be a first person view. :frowning: or at least the way they currently have it. Either way, i think some sort of first person view upgrade would be interesting. the current version serves no purpose other than to be able to control the ship. not sure if you can do that outside of first person or not though. haven’t actually tried.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #4

turn off your monitor and you will get a good idea of what it looks like in your “cockpit”

your inside an egg filled with goo ffs

(Shallanna Yassavi) #5

I use it to see if I’m aligned with my undock bookmark.

(Krima Sumyungi) #6

So you think you fly blind?



(Lugh Crow-Slave) #7

Train up your reading comprehension to at least III before posting. I said what it looks like inside. I did not say it’s what you “see” when flying

(Che Biko) #8

I use first person view on docking approaches and when racing. The panning could be improved a little, but I don’t have any other complaints.

(Daichi Yamato) #9

People still won’t use it much. For such a massive amount of work, is it worth it?

(Old Pervert) #10

Don’t forget to find an old 3.5" headphone jack and stab it into the back of your head, if we’re going for immersive effect, lets get the whole thing.

I guess in concept, if someone were to start licking the wires or plug it into an electrical socket, you’d probably “see” something given the location of the occipital lobe.

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