First person cockpit view needed!

Been playing games a while, since the TSR80 days, even the “Dungeons Of Draggoth” had a first person view in green screen dot matrix after you BRUN’d it, after entering in 375 pages of code into your tape player. lol. Kinda makes ya think huh?

Perhaps no one has seen Star Wars and the cool scenes where Luke and the others are piloting round the empire.

I think a space-based cockpit view would be a nice, easy addition to the gameplay offered by EVE Online.

You know you want it, Nuff’ said.

Turning big rocks into little rocks with a Photonic Hammer!


Just go play elite or star citizen if you are into fps games.

Also, you already have fps camera.


Did you see any windows on the capsule? I didn’t.
When the capsuleer gets into his ship, he’s still in the capsule, which means that the capsuleer doesn’t see through a “cockpit” but with the aid of hookups and plug-ins designed to interface with the ship.

Leave the cockpit for Elite. EVE doesn’t need cockpits.


I disagree, the cockpit of a spaceship is the best place to sit while playing.

FPS mode isn’t a cockpit mode, lets stay in topic please

Of course you do.

Re-read my first post very carefully, and this time, please try to comprehend what you read.

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Cockpit view would be cool for some of us who play this game.

Lots of games have them, but this game could easily implement one.

Do you even play this game anymore? If so what is it that you do in game?

Everything starts with the nerve center of the ship, the Bridge.

Here is a training video for you to consider.

ROCK ROCK Neva Stop!

I like cockpit views too. I like the cockpit in Elite. I think it’s the best cockpit ever.

They could easily implement one, of course. But why should they when the capsuleer is in the capsule without windows and directly hooked up to the ship’s systems via wires and hoses?

Please stay on topic in your own thread.

If you want to know what I do in-game then simply message me in the game, ok? Heck, I’m logged in right now.

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And it ends with this


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Read the official lore:

Capsuleers do not pilot from a cockpit. They control the ship from a windowless capsule. They see the ship from the outside with a set of drone like cameras.

Why are you trying to change a fundamental game mechanic? It’s like you’re trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.


I don’t think it will be useful for him, he seems to be literacy challenged.

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First person cockpit view is awesome!!

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I agree.
It’s just not for EVE.

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Ya know what? You are totally wrong.

It looks like my retriever has 2 bridges or cockpits.

I see most ships share the windowed up front design, with bridges/cockpits according to the art of the game, most if not all space ships have these front facing, over looking windows

I must ask, and who are you, the primary Dev for marketing?

How about you quit bashing my threads, I see your manners have improved.

Read the lore.

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The lore?

The big goopy pod I’m in, OK gimme that.

I look at my ship from a God-mode view, floating around it like a ghost, I want to pilot my ship, maybe with a non point and click flying mode, like driving it around obstacles.

I’m suspended in a G-force goop, but there’s windows, and I wanna pilot the ship from within that space, so render the pod internals and let’s add another dimension that would be unique to EVE.

The ejection sequence could be updated as well as the feedback metrics, as in, you get hit, your controller could shake or something.

ROCKs, they aren’t just for breakfast anymore.

You’re right. I don’t even know why I waste my time posting in your ridiculous threads.

Not really. I’m just in a better mood than usual.

Thanks for agreeing.

And to that, those outcroppings that you circled on your barge, by your admission now, are not bridges.

I’m glad we can agree.

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