Make Cockpit view realistic + Eve Recording systems

Hello, my name…
Y know what lets get right in intro
Today we need a change and maybe some new … servers i guess?
today I have HAD a Idea that THAT IS SO DAM GENIUS!
so y know how people want to edit and make role play realistic.(and yes i am gonna role play)
Introducing: Eve Recording Systems (ERS) where we can record/live stream straight from eve and make eve intros using it and well edited things so how we come in and see it so how we set the camera and stuff and make it move however we want and add custom sounds and stuff.
Now The other thing i will be going over is First Person Perspective and many more things so enjoy the ride.
Also please leave a like, comment and spam me, and subscribe to my youtube, Cameron Lytle… so lets begin

Ok, so if you saw in with the intro, I was talking about Roleplaying.
Now, Roleplaying can make eve a better way for people to say who they are, feel relaxed and other stuff, BUT
We Need a recording system on eve BUILT Into the game so we can make custom intros and stuff for eve to upload to social media or there should be a free app for us that we can use to record for free (and not Camtasia 9, but somthing like that for free and permant so we dont have to renew it) and what this recording system does is 1, sponser CCP Games, and 2: Lets our editing life BE SO MUCH EASIER. LIKE OMG.
Moving on though.

Now, the next thing i want to talk about is the Cockpit view.
My Idea is this:

  • Make Cockpit view the inside of the ship and so we can walk around in ship when its in a safe area (docked up, tethered) and OMG, @CCP_Phantom or any CCP, PLZ make a new area for like the special ships in the docking area aka the primae or Gnosis, BC, We Need somthin new.
    -When player is in cockpit, they will have 180 view, seeing the seat, the controls, and just anything supposed to be in the ship.

Another topic I would like to bring us is CCP’S EUSA’S rules.
Oh Citizens of eve online, we need these rules changed as a player was banned and report for “scamming” when the contracter even said the dude was legit after the trade and a ISD member banned him for
"trading test server items for tq items" OK THAT is the straw my dude

Like i know a hole group who does that
and hey. I dont care, i think its smart

Next thing I need to talk about and A ISD memeber knows about this
Please for the love of god, re open Jovian Space and return back all there battleships so that alphas and omega can use them (They are love they are life CCP) Please…
Now Jove space means more area and more war, but i will control that once i get there if it opens ever as I will be a jovian Operator if anything goes wrong so if anything happens BC CCP has alot on there hands, contact me, i got it.

Add in new ships as well.

thats all the time i got for now. Ceya :smiley:

It sounds like you’re talking about WIS (Walking In Stations)?

It was cancelled last month.

Discussion of bans and stuff are not allowed so the thread will be closed down soon I’m afraid. This is a thread of New Ideas and Features, not for you to sneak in things out of topic about bans or pleas about other irrelevant things.

About the Streaming thing… We had Twitch integration, but guess what, people are not concerned about hiding their info about where they are and names of gates and whatever so you got people that watch these streams on purpose with the sole intent to ganking them and teaching them not to give out free info.

We already got recording programs, if you are concerned about having one, OBS is a fantastic one that lets you live stream on twitch with as many layers and layouts as you do (the only hard part is setting it up, past that point is boot it up and start) and it even lets you record, entirely for free. I have no idea how having an ingame recorder would make editing much simpler. like dunno. So please keep that for the far, far distant future until CCP fixes several issues with the game that it currently has.

The cockpit is a neat idea I guess, I don’t think anybody uses first person on any ship since it is far more effective to navigate through the overview and being able to see where your enemy is at a quick glance in third person. Overcomplicating it however will increase load time pressing that one button and I do not want that.

Other than that, remove the parts where you talk about a ban and ISD and whatever and just keep the ideas and you got yourself here a nice little thread for people to respect.

In lore we pilot these things from inside a capsule. The “realistic” first person view looks like the inside of a pod full of goo.

The in-cannon viewpoint of the pilot is the camera drones we view the ship in third person from.

Eve also already has Twitch integration. Suggesting that CCP should develop their own recording system is the exact opposite of genius.

Also if you read the whole thing about removing CQ you’ll note that the main reason it was removed was because the tech is outdated and the amount of time required to update it is prohibitive. You’re now asking CCP to add a brand new 3D area, probably one for each ship, with the tech they just phased out and have no plans to replace…

This whole thing seems to be one impracticality after another.

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Only if your ship’s performance stats decrease by 90% when you leave your pod. That’s the level of benefit that you get from sitting in your pod instead of using archaic bridges or cockpits.


if you want it to be realistic turn your screen off. your in a pod full of goo


Please be trolling.

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Picard, not Solo

nah im thinking of another view such as ones in other games

DO i care ?

Well… Yeah… Because as long as you are not making troll ideas or actions then you surely want your ideas to be heard and respected. If they are locked with a warning… Better luck next time :roll_eyes:

who says im ever troll?
i know how to be a alpha and still drive a battleship

this isn’t some default flight sim where you can turn your head and look out the window. your in a pod full of goo with a giant matrix mind probe shoved in the back of your skull. the only reason we have a cockpit view now is people like you complain and complained and ccp caved. the pilot sees via camera drones that fly around the ship that transmit images back to the ship and into the pilots mind.

no to opening uo jove space, ccp keeps that for themselves. if we release jove battleships we can cross off getting battleship 1 for all races. More space doesn’t not mean more war, most of our null sec space is empty but claimed because the null groups make so much isk they can pay for it. find a way to trash groups being able to keep track of who is friendly and youll see a lot more chaos.

Why would you necro a month old thread that stinks as badly as this one does?

Have you no shame?

nothing wrong with that and its 1000x better than just making a new one

Better than making a new one… maybe… he could have learned from the responses and made a new one less poopy than this one. Or he could have not learned and made the same one.

Either way, necroing threads is always a bad thing. I personally feel the automatic 3 month timer should be an automatic 1 month timer.

I was entirely unable to follow the flow of this post,But from what I did manage to salvage:

    1. Walking in (insert location here) was cancelled.
    1. EVE had a Twitch client inbuilt but they dropped it because OBS did it better.
    1. Bans can only be taken up with customer support.

In the future please proof read your posts for the benefit of us all.

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This topic was just brought to my attention. We do not discuss rules or reasoning for bans. Since this thread only recently got revived, I am going to close it. If you have concerns about rules, or policies, please submit a support ticket.