Could i see my ship more often?

Hi. As you know 99% of all time in game we can see our ships only like this^

All those nice and lovely hulls of shining metal, new beautiful skins that you bought and apply, all stunning effects – guns make boom, nosfas sucking and webs webbing – all of them in this tiny point.

Somtimes if i change ships too often i ever dnt know which ship i fly now – modules look identical and ponit on a center of screen too.

What about to add something to your gamescreen? Your ship! Big enough for clear view of all those things that i write before – hull, skins, effects and so on. you see how enemy salvos leave marks on your hull, your lovely skins and how your big(or small) guns fire back.

Something like this:

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You can zoom in on your ship


Yes. It is just a zoomed ship while you navigate her in familiar view with the largest camera distance.

It’s a good notion and almost adds a teensy bit of “avatar” feeling if you can see your ship while maintaining tactical/zoomed view. If any explosions or effects on it also had visible indicators it would be a bit easier to tell what kind of damage was incoming, what status effects applied etc.

Obviously both the ship avatar and status indicators should be toggle-driven, since UI space is already ridiculously crowded in EVE. And it would take minimal coding work, which means CCP should be able to get it working in under 2 years.

(Edit: also some burning/holes shot/damage indicators might be nice, but would involve actually new extra programming so maybe not.)

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With a mouse wheel you can zoom in or out pretty rapidly. However…it would be good to have a toggle for a certain zoom-in level attached to a key. Press key…zoom in…lift finger off key, back to normal view.

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Yes, its true – all those effects, nice materials on new re-disigned hulls are ready but we see it so rare becouse in battle or just on pve mission you need maximum distnce of camera alltime and all this huge work of disigners and modellers just invisible 99% of time.

also i want to feel a ship not only becuse of inertia is different and modules are not a same – but in this vision way.

now only pilots of ships which are big enough – carriers and bigger – SEE theyr ship litteraly.

EVE has ships??

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they say so


So you choose to zoom out to the point where you can’t see the ship, to then dislike… how you can’t see the ship.



Submarines…even. Just need a nice yellow skin.


This, you can easily see your ship if you wish to.

If a close-up of my ship was visible somewhere on my screen, my first question would be “how do I turn this off?”, because my screen space is valuable to me and every part on it is visible because it has a purpose.

A close-up of my ship adds nothing when I can already see it when docked or when zoomed in.


That looks expensive.

Nah…I call mine Das Boot. Its a Corax…fairly cheap.

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or ever just like this

first a forth msot check your notfications and no thats so ugly

It seems so fake and disconnected from whatever is happening in space.

Your ship in space (zoom in if you want to see it) has all sorts of graphical tricks, shadows from light sources, reflections from the skybox, it’s even reflecting nearby explosions!

EVE may have some flaws, but the graphics are pretty awesome and those ships in space look incredible in their environment. They look real, the way it interacts with the environment makes it look real.

Now take that ship, take it out of it’s environment, paste it somewhere on the screen for no other reason than ‘now the player does not need to zoom in to see their ship’ and what you get is a cheap UI that looks fake and impractical.

No thanks.

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You can see all those interactions with environment also on this avatar, why not?

and such feature is optional. for those who like asceticism they can add text version of eve.

It’s 1,500,000.00isk 8 jumps away from me in a 0.4 system which means I’ll get ganked by the time I get to the gate.
It’s 1,600,000.00 in Rens. About a week’s worth of grind for me.
Cheap, no. Affordable, yes.

You could perhaps see the interactions, but not the environment itself, hence the disconnection.

I really like the aesthetics of EVE. I just don’t need useless avatars on my screen and would rather not have them spend development time on such a feature that I would immediately toggle off and could better be spent elsewhere.

i see your point and your opinion