Eve's inconsistent "pod pilot" theme

(Iowa Jones) #1

I was flying a minmatar shuttle when upon closer observation you can clearly see this ship has a cockpit.
Now, I understand that capsuleers are this special breed in Eve. You basically fly around naked, trapped in an egg full of goo plugged in to various ports (why that is superior to just sitting in a cockpit is beyond me). But the ships in Eve dont reflect that lore accurately IMO.

All ship designs should be built around the pod theme. Do away with the windows on large ships. It’s misleading and to say that those ships do have crews is pointless. My mods control and repair my ship, not some imaginary crew. And if there is a crew, there should be countless bodies floating around after getting destroyed.

With the redesign of some ships, I was hoping CCP would address this and start making their ships look more Eve-centric, instead of the generic sci-fi theme.

(Princess Adhara) #2

I agree

(Sasha Viderzei) #3

Sincerely, if every Ship was egg-shaped, it would be extremely boring to look at, and like the image you linked to your post, something like a Death Star looking like an egg is just disgusting.

Also, it appear that if you are so versed in the lore (which I would love to learn more about), you might have forgotten one little detail : most ships aren’t engineered specially for capsuleers. Yes, every ship currently available in the game support the Capsule technology, from shuttles to Titans, and strangely some aliens designs like Triglavian vessels, but some of them are also used by civilians (which could explain the presence of civilian-class modules).

The best example for that are Industrialists. Indeed, those ships are extremely good as beginner’s ship for someone wanting to play EVE-Truck Simulator, le to carry cargo that do not justify the use of the behemoths that are Freighters, but people that did not accept all the mutations and the “First Death” to become a capsuleer can also use them.

Also, factions’ navies also have non-capsuleer pilots. And because a normal human is not directly linked to his/her ship, they generally perform way worse than actual capsuleers. That’s why, for example, a Vexor Navy Issue piloted by you, le, or any capsuleer with decent drone skills can easily wipe out Battleship-class vessels.

(Krysenth) #4

Um… ships do have crews. Yes, the pod may be doing the “important bits” of moving the ship, killing ■■■■, and staying alive, but when you’re in a ship larger than a frigate, there’s more and more systems that need constant tending to. You, being in a pod, are incapable of doing that. You need the good little worker ants who work for slave wages (compared to a capsuleer) to do that.

(Nevyn Auscent) #5

A pod does not remove the need for crew. It merely reduces it. Pod ships have about 2/3 the crew requirements.
Numbers source not handy but taken from official ccp sources.

Basically your pod replaces the command staff.

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(Iowa Jones) #7

The image is a joke, but my point remains. Somewhere in the ship design, the pod should be somewhat visible or outlined in some manner to say “pod goes here” instead of the generic spaceship cockpit.

(Khergit Deserters) #8

The reason you can’t see the crew of an exploded ship is the little escape pods are too small to see. That used to be the stated justification, at least.

(Salt Foambreaker) #9

I’ll take the “death pod” :slight_smile:

(Bjorn Tyrson) #10

The ships we use are designed for baseliners and then retrofitted to interface with capitals.
Remember, capsuleers are a tiny minority in the universe, for every 1 capsuleer flown ship there are hundreds or even thousands of the same design crewed by baseliners.

Now if you really want to nitpick. Windows on any starship would be superfluous anyways. Since aside from a pretty view, you wouldn’t actually get any useful information from visuals anyways and it creates a structural weak point in the hull.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #11

Well the thing is all those ships we pilot can and are piloted by crew most of the time and not by us special snowflake capsuleers. The cockpits, bridges and windows on most ships you see are used by NPCs.

I’ve even heard some unconfirmed lore from players that the ships we pilot as capsuleers have kind of a stock crew?

(Iowa Jones) #12

I agree. It’s like having windows on a submarine.

(QuakeGod) #13

Lore doesn’t count for jack squat. I could purchase 100 cruisers in Jita, undock them one by one, and self destruct all of them, instantly killing thousands upon thousands of crew members. And guess what happens? Nothing. No repercussions whatsoever…

(Iowa Jones) #14

Mork from Ork.

The FIRST Pod Pilot.

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(Sepheir Sepheron) #16

Actually it would take about four hours including session change for docking and undocking and boarding. Easier to blow up 100 npc cruisers with guns. :slight_smile:

But yeah lore never counted for Jack unless mechanics are involved just saying what I heard.

(Milana Pollard) #17

All ships in EVE Online are designed to be crewed from the ground up, and then the ones we fly are modified for capsuleers. Whenever you do a mission, or go ratting, you’re flying against fully-crewed variants of what we use, with a few exceptions. A driverless car doesn’t need a windscreen either, and yet they have one for the same reason.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #18

Your right. You could. And there would be no repercussions. Why would there be? You are a capsuleer and they are just baseliners.

You can also go out and buy thousands of ant colonies and burn them all to death. And no one would really care. Because it’s just ants. Capsuleers are about as far divorced from baseliners as you can get.

Hell Concords entire reason for existing lore wise. Isn’t to stop capsuleer violence. Just to make sure it doesn’t get so out of control that we accidentally wipe out entire planets in the core systems.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #19

The pod is deeper within the ship hull, nowhere near the surface - it’d be wildly wrong to have it exposed in some way, given its importance :stuck_out_tongue:

Take this art for the Navitas in the Frigates of EVE book, for example:

The exotic dancers are some capsuleer’s personal modification for their ship, but the pod will always be in a safer, more tucked-away place; having an externally visible bridge at all seems pretty silly when you don’t have to use your eyes to see at all :slightly_smiling_face:

(Iowa Jones) #20

Nice. Where can I get a copy of this EVE book?