Graphics Improvements

Afterburners, microwarpdrives will look better if have audio visual feedback.
Also it would be great if you add flight simulator or simular feature which will make combat and specially PVP experiance much better.

Both things are already available.

I think that you want something like in Elite:Dangerous or Star Citizen?

Because sort of first person camera is already here, and there is a slight change of ship sound when you use those propulsion mods. I mean last time I run EVE with sound there was something like that.

Implementing a flight simulator is not a trivial thing to do in a game. That is why whole stand-alone games are are made with the single purpose of being a simulator.

Eve is NOT a simulator and should not start being one.

No. Go away.

As I have not used it, I’m not sure, but didn’t EVE have joystick support at some point? (Or was that just somekinda hack?) And they added the ability to “manually fly” with WASD something like two-three years ago?

It’s still in game.

It basically is a way to “tilt” your spaceship in certain directions with keyboard presses. Just double-clicking in space (manual piloting the normal way) is still superior.

Given that the OP specifically mentions simulators, my guess is that the OP wants a cockpit with first person view. That is not something eve has currently.

And assuming CCP hangs on at least a little on established lore, there will not be cockpits ever… You’re basically a human CPU and command staff with your body in a sleeplike state while in a pod.

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While I agree with you, I still have some questions regarding some ships like the Venture and the Expedition Frigates have some sort of cockpit in their design, no ?

That’s for the crew, mere plebs. Not for us godly pod pilots.


Well thanks mate ^^

Like Markus said, IIRC very few ships are actually designed specifically for capsuleers, and are adapted from normally crewed vessels. In the Frigates of EVE cross sections you can see that the capsule is sometimes in what looks like a bridge area, but in others it is in somewhat surprising places, particularly the Amarr apparently like to place them right next to antimatter reactors…

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Perfect to completely destroy your situational awareness. Have you ever wondered why the good pvpers always zoomed out in their videos?

The Frigates of EVE ? Woah, I didn’t knew EVE had books !

I’ll take a look at it, thanks mate :slight_smile:

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Np, it’s a cool read from all I’ve heard, don’t own it myself. There are a few preview pages in google books though, if you want to take a sneak preview.

Frigates of Eve is good, I believe Razorien did some of the artwork.

All the artwork in Frigates of EVE came from Will Burns, you can find his ArtStation page here.

He did a lot of work for DUST 514, World of Darkness, EVE and other CCP projects in the past, he’s an incredible artist.

It took the pair of us 11 months to put Frigates of EVE together - was a hell of a project and one of the ones I’ve enjoyed most at CCP :sunglasses:


Took a look at his art station, it’s great !
I hope he plan to do bigger ships form the EVE’verse, I’d love to see the inside of a battleship.

Even more, the twisted bowels of a Revenant-class supercarrier could be extremely interesting to look at.

It’ll be nice to see a better cockpit view but honestly if you’re running everything through your mind they’re right you would only see that one camera view that would get right now at the cockpit view which it works perfectly fine so let’s not go screwing up a good thing I’ve tried elite danger it sucks it’s hard to fly with the keyboard and mouse and being that I play mostly from an over the bed hospital table at night it would be really hard for me to add a joystick setup to fly the way that you have to elite danger that was my only completely danger was the way that you couldn’t fly with a keyboard and mouse at all

I could see them doing something like that modifying the bridge of ships to where you’re out of side of your capsule but you’re plugged into the captain’s chair or whatever that be kind of course you can walk around ships and different thing but it would take a lot of changes to Eve online and I don’t think they have the desire nor the manpower to do that kind of changing