EVE Online udate ida

This forum is about an update idea for EVE, which would make it a whole lot better.
In other space games, we know that the ships have some really cool interiors such as star citizen and elite dangerous. If EVE gets this feature, it’s first person mode will be upgraded. hence, please upvote this forum

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1st: please post in the right subforum:

2nd: interiors? well i guess in the capsule is some liquid and some cables but thats it … you lay in a capsule … the capsule is connected to the ship … what other room should there be to have interiors?

3rd: what is the + we would get out of that change? the benefit? maybe we could hang posters of our killmail to the walls but hmm … i dont see why we should need it …

4th: please dont make a connection from EVE to star citizen … star citizen is not a game its a money printer for the owner … looks like noone will ever get any mony or service back even IF the game will ever be finished and playable …


OP Check out EVE Valkyrie, or EVE Gunjack. Those are first person dogfighting games. EVE is tailored for a third person perspective and wouldn’t work well in first person I’m afraid. Also, the majority of the community will REEE at your suggestion.

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We do not need another Incarna expansion.

Incarna no, interiors yes.

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