First person camera

Why is the first person camera positioned in front of the nose of the ship instead of right on the cockpit like it should be?

not all cock pits are created equal.

You two look suspiciously alike…

Likely because of the odd placements of the cockpits.

An off-set cockpit would likely be rather confusing for most people …
… and FPS view is usually centered, too.

Out of Likes again.
Gotta wait four hours …

damnit… guess i’ll go bald again…

Your are the capsuleer of a ship, and the capsule is in the heart of the ship, not in the cockpit

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There is a cockpit on my ships? :open_mouth:

All I know is that there is a capsule somewhere in my ship. And if my camera would see what my capsuleer would see in first person it would be a dark screen full of pod goo. Is that what Ctrl-Shift-F9 shows?


That just disables the UI.


“Cambot, give me rocket number 9”

Does anyone use first person camera ?

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