1st Person Perspective

Alright, I am new. How do you get in 1st person?

One of the buttons on the left side of the cap/shield display.

The button “-(+)-” on the left directly next to the hud.

I think peeps use it only to correctly fire bombs with stealth bombers.

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Does that help?

(Just wondering, I haven’t fired many bombs. :smiley: )

I thought using tactical camera was all you needed to see the movement vector and the place where the bomb is going to explode.

@Purple_Pixel First person camera is nice for immersion, but it’s really bad for everything else. Just keep that in mind! Also try Ctrl-F9 for pretty pictures.

Nope it’s bad for bombing, although thematically cool. tac cam + hover over bomb launcher with the cursor is the way to go

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