Q for Devs, tracking camera

So is there any explanation to remove custom placement for tracking camera?
Now it don’t serve anything when enemy is covered by my ship… Also removing it mostly killed “custom camera movement” playstyle.
Or maybe we will get optional target preview window like on those UI overhaul concepts from many years ago? (anyone remember that?)

If your ship is covering the target, then you’re zoomed in too far. Zoom out a bit as the track feature is designed to show the target relative to you. If you want to see just the target, choose ‘look at’ instead.

If you are worried about looking at the ship then you are doing it wrong. I lock EVERYTHING with the overview list. I dont care what it looks like if it is orange (FW hostile) or Red I shoot it.

I remember that feature and how it was liked. Nobody asked to remove it.


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