Camera issue that has arisen recently

Been away from game a bit these past 2 months or so. Been playing, but rarely. Anyway, one of the issues that I’m noticing is with the camera. It’s an extremely annoying issue.

When the dynamic camera movement is off, and camera tracking is on (camera follow selected entry on overview), the camera will snap to a new location once the selected overview entry leaves the overview. For example, I was watching a ship warp off a gate. I wanted to see where he was going (I swear your honor, never meant to hurt him), but when he warped off grid, my camera position did not stay where it was. As soon as he was off grid, the camera snapped to a new position, so I was looking at my ship from a different angle if that makes sense.

Turning dynamic camera movement on seems to fix it, but I don’t like all the other “features” that come with it, so prefer to have it off.

Anybody else have this issue?

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Daily. I confirm and my frends.

And i swear your honor too, never meant to hurt him :clown_face:

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So I’m not the only one. :astonished: