Camera Focus Issues

If I jump a stargate or into/out of a WH these days then the camera focuses on the stargate or WH rather than my ship. Is this happening to anyone else? or is there a way to change it? I dont recall altering any settings.

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No its been like that since they changed the jump animation for the most recent time.

it’s been happening to me too. i saw it happen to a twitch streamer as well.

Not sure exactly what portion of the camera focus you’re referring to.

When I use a stargate the camera is on my ship until the actual jump animation begins. Then the camera/animation swivels to show the stargate entrance for a sec, then my ship in the warp tunnel, and when I exit warp tunnel camera is back on my ship with no switch to the stargate.

As Ramona mentioned it’s part of the new warp animation.

Using DX 11 with regular interface.

There is a bug that occurs now and then where the camera will not drag and rotate the screen. Attempting to do so…well, it has the effect of creating a small box on the screen that gets dragged open. No idea what causes this, but it remains until one docks and undocks at a station.

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