A funny thing happened to me on the way to Jita

I got stuck in a warp tunnel.

It just kept going on and on and I couldnt jump out.

I kind’a felt like this…

Was hoping to run into this…

Had to log out and restart the game to get me out.

This happen to anyone else?


Many times.

Just wait until your overview disappears and you can’t dock.


It gave me a chanced to look at the animation for awhile in detail. It could use some pizzaz. It’s very flat with no depth/shadows IMO.

Something like this would be cool:

Or this:

Tardis denied…

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Even more strange, sometimes people autopilot through highsec and suddenly they hear a screeching sound, the screen turns white and they are back where they started. Only that their ship dissappeared! Mysterious!

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Why is there a telephone booth inside a tornado?

That’s the bit where you have your life review before meeting the being of light and being told ’ go back…it’s not your time yet ’


If serious…I feel sorry for you. You know not the greatness that is Tom Baker. The greatest Dr Who of all. You have been deprived if the case.

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So you can order a pizza.

Because Domino’s delivers everywhere!


Part of the next Star Wars trilogy.

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Tom Baker was my first Doctor. If any of you wish to bone up on ALL the doctors, prior to Christopher Eccleston, Tubi (free streaming) has Dr. Who 1 to 7 available. Note: During Doctors 1 to 3, some footage was destroyed, but they made animated versions to replace the lost video.

@Ibex_Horrne this is what you get, when we break the physical laws of reality. For example; All you have to do is watch any reality TV series.

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We had that kind of warp tunnel during the Dr. Who event. Entering the event sites via filaments would look like this:

Including the fancy little lightning strike hitting the ship.

The sites:


Some…are the true time lords there. My wife likes cooking challange shows.

Time is bending in them as that stuff ain’t cookiing right real world. Stone cold start…hahahaha, hell no.

I give the editors props though. they have cut/splice skills I wish I had as an hobbyist videographer trying to learn.

Doing it to me now LOL

Been going on for minutes. Now my ship isn’t cloaked.

Maybe it’s a bug. Who knows :woman_shrugging:

For derp heck guys, stop using mods and/or using weird routes to Jita.

Over almost 17 years of EVE I’ve never really crossed any type of issue that’s not lag based nor current patch known glitch.

@Vizkomaru_Togashi For derp heck, Viz, I wasn’t going to Jita. I’m in Gallente space :wink:

That’s the problem then.

Make up your mind.

Yes, happened to me couple of times.

Worst part is you are not stuck actually. Only the warp animation is. Your ship behaves normally to others just as if your jump completed successfully and your gate cloak timer ran out. It can be dangerous especially in low or null. They could shoot you and you couldn’t shoot back.

There is a workaround to it. Upon noticing the warp might last too long, immediately RMB anywhere in screen center and use popup menu to navigate to other locations in the system or dock.

Docking will reset the warp animation being stuck.

Observe your speedometer when entering warp. It says [Warping] when in progress then 0 m/s when it is over. Many hulls will also change visually when going in and coming out of warp, like Cormorants. So when warp animation continues, despite other signs telling otherwise, you now know what to do :slight_smile:

If for some reason RMB menu won’t show use your character properties to see your current location system and enter “Show info” panel for it. There you can list neighbor systems (gates) and stations and use usual warp/dock RMB commands.

[Edit 2]
Since it is relativelly common phenomena maybe it should have a name?
My entry for the name contest (if you are interested at all ofc):

Metaliminal Entanglement Of Warp

or simply “meow”


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