Reopen Dr Who Thread Please, thanks

Hi it looks like moderator forgot to reopen the Dr Who thread, please reopen thanks.

Please close this thread when read, thanks.




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You can directly message ISD by flagging their own post with “something else” which I have done for you.

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Maybe we can continue the great thread here and the ISD’s can meld the 2 threads after?

Dr who fits well with eveonline, CCP are always time travelling to change the timeline both here on the forums and in game.

The only difference is with dr.who you are never sure if he was ever really there but with GM’s they leave a catastrophuck behind, each and every time.

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Cheers buddy, I was kind of thinking we need a place to talk about Dr Who right now, I’m aware someone has spammed annoying threads about crossovers (LOL @Terminal_Insanity you crack me up man) but we just need to be sensible and keep it on topic.

I did that in the early morning (without the annoying star that the forum puts under almost all my messages) when I noticed that my topic was closed. No response yet.



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Usual censorship, nothing to see there, move on and enjoy your daily SP…

That was my mistake, late night moderation should not be performed without copious amounts of coffee. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Also, @ISD does not work the way you think it does. Be sure to direct it to a member of ISD that is in CCL.

Thread closed.