So, it seems Daleks are canon now

Hi lore people, are you looking forward to the Dalek invasion? LOL


There are lots of ways that this can be handwaved. “Oh, hey, there’s this GalFed holo that’s really popular. Ugh. More importantly, here’s this SoE/AIR operation to try to discover why some of their ships keep going missing…”



Many ways it can play out.

IF done well it could be fun, profitable and entertaining!

Though it does break the canon that there are no “aliens” In EVE. :roll_eyes:


The easiest way is that CCP have finally jumped the shark.


Dr Who is a dying franchise. The BBC made sure of that with the last Doctor incarnation. This smells like a desperate measure for both BBC and CCP to pump up ratings again.


Not only is it a dying franchise, but one that is not really well known outside UK.
I would have preferred a Battlestar Galactica or an Expanse crossover as it would have made more sense (Clones, wormholes, lost colonies)


so far, it seems reasonable enough after some dev explaination. It’s… going to, in-game at least, be structured in a way that its one off and won’t push too much on existing canon

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On that you’re mistaken.

Dr Who fans are worldwide.

ps- A BSG crossover would have been great! Heck, even a Star Trek time travel crossover.

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Or you know if you watch Dr.Who, the timeline is repaired and when he leaves next month no one remembers a thing. Same way every scifi 3rd wall cross over is solved.

People who are shitting on a kids tv show that is doing a visit are you know shits.

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My thoughts about it ^^

I really hope the Lore team are going to get a raise for the amount of hard work they’re going to have to do to make this work in the existing lore (aliens, anyone?), let alone with future lore.

It does feel like a bit of a two-fingered salute from CCP management to those of us who like lore and RP but I’m willing to give it a chance.

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Don’t know much about Dr. Who other than I’ve got a couple funny pictures about the show.


me neither, but I remember there was this one lady that was just some weird stretched skin because she was like 9000 years old and had so many plastic surgories or something. Dr Who is not that serios while eve is and that’s my main problem with the thing.
Nothing against a Dr Who episode taking part in the eve universe buuuuuut does that mean we have those weird alien - spacemagic things in new eden now, too? :smiley:

She was the last living “natural” human in the future. Not much more than a stretched piece of living skin that needed constant humidity otherwise would dry out.

ps- I think that was the episode we were introduced to The Face of Bo character (who turned out to be (SPOLIER ALERT!!!) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Capt Jack!

Uh wut. There are a ton of Dr Who fans outside of the UK ROFL.

Dr Who has literally had all of those things ROFL.

Actually Dr Who is in some ways very similar to Adventure Time. On the surface it can be silly and funny, but also has horrific undertones. My biggest gripe is them retconning the Time War.

Dr Who capers around the galaxy as this likeable fellow, when in reality he genocided two races completely. The dichotomy and resulting change in his philosophy is what made the show compelling.

Hm time travel in EVE Anyone have references to this in EVE lore? Story link would be helpful. That’s my biggest sticking point about the Dr Who x EVE.

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With this crossover EVE is also officially connected to the Fallout franchise as well. :wink:

Well not quite. TARDIS, Sonic screwdriver, Daleks, etc. the 4th Doctor’s scarf are often easter eggs in many games and other visual media, but they’re just that, easter eggs. This is an official collaboration with CCP & BBC (hence them using the official logo).


Well I guess you missed it was meant as a joke. :stuck_out_tongue: Though considering Bethesda treatment of easter eggs turned into official lore I wouldn’t be so sure about it not being canon or it will not be canonized later on…


What cursed dimension have I walked into where CCP and BBC are writing crossover fan fiction.