I came back to Eve SOLELY because of the Doctor Who crossover!

As soon as I saw that New Eden was getting invaded by DALEKS, and that absolutely glorious picture of the starscape with the Doctor and companion and eve ships zipping around, I knew I simply HAD to come back to the game after a break of quite a few years.

The allure is simply irresistable.

As a massive DW fan, and a self-ackowledged carebear player, I am loving this so far.



Calm Down Carebear!


You say that, but this event is already delivering so much of what was missing for me when I last played. And that’s why we play, right?

So you play EVE for desperate, drain-circling cringe?


Looking for a corp? We also love Dr. House.


It’s interesting to hear you say you’re interested in coming back because of a franchise with a long storyline that you’re invested in…

Because Eve has one of those, and this event literally ruins all of it. The origins of human in the New Eden Cluster, the reasons for the Empires being founded, the Amarr Ian religion, that there are no aliens only different types of humans, that the universe Eve is in has a different type of physics that means ships act more like submarines than spaceships, the whole timeline of events… None of it fits with Dr Who lore without a serious rewrite or some major handwaving.

Now, if CCP invested in their own lore and story more - it’s been massively under-funded for years despite amazing work coming from the people who have built some of the best events in the game during that period doing so by focusing on the lore - they might get more people come back to the game or sign up to it fresh. You know, like Dr Who did when it was rebooted…


Well I used to play it to have fun with my friend and chat about life and chill while we mined asteroids in hisec, but tosspots like the New Order suicide ganked us so many times we moved to a game with less of a ‘git gud, scrub’ attitude.

And so now I’m here for the delicious salty tears of bittervets posting about how galling it is for the very same devs who coined ‘HTFU’ to invite DALEKS and arguably the most carebeary carebear of all Time into their ‘cold, harsh, galaxy’

Daleks in Eve Online. I never thought I would see this day, and it is glorious.

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This event will be remembered more than any before!

BTW Daleks will be hard to kill.

If you love DW so much, how do you reconcile with yourself that the Daleks being an overpowered force that you can now easily kill with a frigate?




Eve lore is pretty much dead. Not enough people care about it anymore, high sec is such a bad place to do anything or make money someone would have to go out of their way to pursue it, FW was pretty much killed off by citadels, lack of attention and has been hyper-optimized that all it is really about is the formulaic grind.

Wish the attention was shifted somewhat to lore, I think it is important. Player driven content only works when there are the right people creating it.

Fail to see how doctor who kills the lore at all.

I’m only re-subscribing if i get a TARDIS shuttle, if not i’m uninterested, even as a DW fan

Hope this helps.



I suppose trivlavians or jovians already broke it by that argument - but that argument is as bad as the ones that suggest the new star wars films destroyed the good ones.

Heh. I approve. I see what you did there. 10/10.

Bro. Lets not front like any of that matters in your day to day New Eden life. Guess the Joker was right eh? People just lose their minds :smiley:

Yes sir, the tears are delicious.

I mean they couldn’t go up stairs for quite a while so

The trigs and jovians would like a word :smiley:

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No, because the trigs and jovians are still human, albeit altered.

Until now, every enemy in EVE had been humans, or products of humans. The Jovians and Triglavians are humans. The rogue drones are products of humans. So are the Drifters.
The Jovians screwed themselves up by genetic engineering gone mad.
Triglavians are weirdoes who speak in riddles.
The drones are a rogue machine originally created to do the hard work by lazy gallente.
The Drifters are some weird thing created by the Jovians in the distant past.
They’re all either humans or products of human greed/stupidity/naivety/whatever.

Daleks and Time Lords are aliens. They undermine one of the basic premises of EVE’s setting.


So it’s seeing the weeds from your yard in your neighbors otherwise well gardened yard that is fun?

Dr Who in Eve is like a plastic pink flamingo in a Japanese garden.


The Daleks have horrible tracking.

Trigs and Jovians are of human origin.


Huh. So how altered do you have to be to not be human?

So not human, got it.

Not human, and basically its own race, so alien. Got it.

So not human, and potentially now alien. Got it.

ROFL. Are you a gymnast? Cause the amount of bending and semantics you trynna do, you should have def been in the olympics.

You’re missing the point where they were of human origin.

The Rogue drones were a product of humans, gone feral. Not alien origin.
The Jovians were also human, whether they still were by the end, or whether they counted as a different species, doesn’t alter that they were human. Not alien origin.
Drifters, again, a creation of humans, from long ago, also gone feral. Not alien origin.

are you a 1960’s go-go dancer ? Cos you’re doing a lot of twisting, lol