Daleks are technically the first aliens ever shown in Eve

I was just thinking about how the Daleks are going to be the first aliens ever encountered in Eve Online.

The catch is they will probably only be in the timespace wormhole-like anomalies that we use in the event so we are actually going to leave New Eden, fight Daleks, get some phat lewt, and come back to New Eden, where there are no aliens.

Personally I love the in game events and I think they are really good for bringing new players into the game and helping new players get some decent isk and in game experience. I’m kinda shocked at how much salt and anger I’ve seen everywhere today but it seems like that is more to do about balancing changes made over the last 2 years by CCP and they are just freaking about about that and using this event as a way to vent their stress out.

I’m looking forward to the event though and I hope I enjoy it as much as the other ones.


What about fedos?

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you think doctor who fans are not aware of EVE online? hahahahaha that’s hilarious.

you also think if they come they’ll stay, hahahahahahaha wow.

if anything, returning players will look upon this as proof they should not return.

i had huge amounts of fun in this game, years and years of madness, laughter, tears, heartache, loss and so many amazing memories, i made so many friends, lost so many friends RIP brothers and sisters <3

but this, this is not EVE. this is a cash grab. it’s a little disgusting and i know i know, CCP/PA are a company and they exist to make money. still, it’s more than a little eeewwwwwwww.


I don’t really see how this is a cash grab or disgusting or any of the other outrageous, sometimes vile comments I’ve read today about this event.

It’s another in game event it’s not changing anything in the game it’s just something you can participate in for a limited time if you want and I really like them.


Also, humans are the aliens in New Eden.

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Wasn’t New Eden completely unoccupied when the humans arrived? I haven’t seen any mention of there being any other inhabitants or aliens anywhere in Eve online, just humans and cyborgs.

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there is more than enough EVE lore to do any amount of events. this is a cash grab, to get people that do not play EVE to come play EVE for a short time IE: cash grab.

in the silly hope that they stay and keep playing.



Doesn’t that mean fedos are natives? Meaning, we colonized their world and took them as pets.

The human is truly disgusting.

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I’ve never even heard of those before I guess those are aliens? Not sure I would say we colonized them more like domesticated them to eat garbage for us?

Turns out. We even breed them to force them to fight in arena battles between themselves for our amusement.

Won’t anyone think of the poor fedos!

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If you’ve never heard about a fedo, then it means you are new around here.

Sounds like the kind of player they want to attract with the mentioned events. I guess there is no surprise you don’t have an issue with them.

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I never said I’ve been playing for 20 years but I have seen multiple references over the last like 3 years that there were no aliens in Eve Online so I guess fedos hadn’t been introduced yet or those sources were outdated or wrong I dunno.

Narh, the answer is that CCP aren’t consistent with their lore.

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Daleks are canon now, because they happened in EVE universe. That means Time Lords too.

Ok well I guess fedos definitely count as aliens but Daleks are intelligent aliens that have spaceships and invented their own form of time travel so I was more talking about like actual alien races and civilizations which are not a thing in New Eden it was just humans basically.

I don’t mind if they add aliens to Eve Online either but I think it would be great if they started adding new lore and ships and content into the game too on top of the in-game events I don’t think it can only be one or the other I’m sure they could do both.

That is part of why people are whining about this event. Why not expand on the great potential that is the eve lore, instead of introducing these lazy events with lore that seems off in the eve universe.

Especially, since the lore have been neglected like so many other things by CCP for so long.

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This event is new lore that they add.

LOL calm down bruv. Its just a collab and a cool one at that. CCP ganked your soul and its delicious.

ROFL. Only bittervets would complain about content being added.

And you are adding to the whining :smiley:

I want that too but I don’t think freaking out about a 2 week crossover event is really helpful. I think they would be more open to feedback if people weren’t having meltdowns and saying really awful things everywhere and just instead said hey, we want more cool ships, we want more cool lore, we want more fun content to do and places to go and things to experience.

What I’ve seen today is just mostly really hateful, nasty vitriol that is probably just going to get ignored or won’t be taken very seriously because it’s just a raw emotional reaction instead of helpful and concise feedback.