Stargate focus on jumping

Stargates. I would love to be able to opt-out of the camera movement/focus on the stargate while jumping. I play mostly at nights and this is just a bright-ass flash, which isn’t small on a 27" and it’s just annoying. Any support for this, fellow eggers?

I must admit I wouldn’t mind having an option to turn it off, I remember back in the day when it didn’t happen and preferred that. The effect doesn’t give me an annoying flash so to speak but I would like the option to turn it off.

Started after the Odyssey expansion back in 2006, I remember it vividly. Some players expressed disdain immediately and I am skeptical it will ever change.

But you know, new forums, new slap in the brown stuff.
I would love to have the option to opt-out completely or at least have the option to have a less “take me to Vomit City” transition effect in place.

I think the answer from CCP now will be pretty much the same as back then. I think generally CCP stick to their guns on things like this. The only feature I recall being removed was teams within industry, and even that wasn’t an effect like the stargates. They even removed half the audio options recently

And yeah, these new forums are taking a bit of getting used to, I find them very “odd”.

…and the loot-spew mechanic. There is still hope.

Ahh yes that… that put me off exploration for a long time. I am sure there are others I cannot recall.