Please CCP, the 'new' gatejump animation drives me crazy still!

I know this has been voiced before but this keeps coming up in my brain even years after the change.

Removing the option of having the old-style gate jump animation completely breaks immersion for me in this game and degrades my gameplay experience.

Sometimes I’ll play with the camera fully zoomed on my ship, volume up, playing intensely. Sometimes, I’ll want to zoom far out and have a more tranquil journey through space. In either case, nothing destroys the feeling of personally controlling your experience more than the game camera forcefully ripping your perspective away, taking control of your camera, moving you through a laggy cloud in first person view, (which is a perspective you don’t really find anywhere else in the game), only to return to a 3rd person perspective when you land.

You can even keep the current gatejump animation as the default.

However, I really do miss the feeling of viewing my ship from 50km out, clicking ‘jump’ on the gate from any camera angle I want, and watching the gate activate and shoot me through space, without having to go Wolfenstein 3d mode to move through a door. It’s at best a novelty and at worst distracting and immersion breaking, which I think was the opposite of its intent.

Please? :slight_smile:


Make it so you can activate this feature with plex


Totally agree.

Especially considering those “moonpire” in Perimeter.

the animation you see is just the camera drone following you through the jump gate. the only other option would be cutting the camera feed and only showing the camera again when you get to the other side…
(I really don’t remember how was before… I remember the keynote when it was changed but not how it looked before lol)

Yeah, the black loading screen was way better for game immersion. I think not.

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Why don’t you demand a reroll to the beta version of eve…changes are forever there is no turning back…

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That’s a first. I never thought a loading bar would be considered more immersive

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No loading bar, just have the camera rest in the position it was in when you jumped…and hold that position, until the next system is loaded and ready, and then fade to that just as you ‘fade’ into a station when you dock.


We forget that our perspective of our ships is from a camera drone.

No…go away…

There is no turning back to the 80’s

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I think you’re crazy if you think the old way looked better. However I think there should always be a checkbox in the options for those like you who want the old animation, even if you’re crazy.

no…simply no…

This madness is just not needed…

We simply have to look forward into the future not back into the past.

Gone is gone and it has to stay there…an old house has to be broken apart not saved just because its old…

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I doubt CCP will ever put in an option to disable the jump animation anyways

Maybe because maybe only a dozen out of 65,000 players ask for it to be reverted back to the good old days?

As i said …
Let’s reroll to the beta version of eve…

Things were easier those days…

You must not of been there at Fanfest when the gate jump animation was announced. A lot of happy people.

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the worst immersion breaker is the death cinematic. I can remember a couple of times where I was in a crazy fight only to get podded and become disoriented when I suddenly found myself in a station. Hear the fc still giving commands and remember wtf just happened. the new cinematic completely kills that,

but CPP is small and getting smaller every option you add to the game is a load more Q/A

Yeah, it’s called novelty. The third time I saw them do the jump I knew it was going to get old REAL fast.

… captains courters

I sometimes wonder when I see a post like this if people are wearing neck braces and have their eyes taped open that prevent them from simply looking away for the 3 second animation. But no, they have to choose the most complicated solution to a simple problem.