The Return of the Headache Generator/ The stupid gate jump animation

"The new Jumpgate, cyno and Abyssal travel animations have been added.

  • Made substantial improvements after being taken back into incubation.
  • Implemented several improvements and bug fixes to reduce the the total jump times. (see graph below)
  • Added new dynamic visuals (camera placement and intersystem tunnel effects) enhancing the overall player experience."

Question: Why the hell would you bring this trash back out of incubation? It still is forced on us. It Still generates nausea. It still overrides your camera offset and camera shake options. What the ■■■■ did you actually do to fix this trash?

And STILL no option to be excluded from using it. Its like @CCP_Sisyphus didn’t read the responses he got in the ORGINAL THREAD:

#393- 2013-06-08 10:53:25 UTC


Wading into a can of worms I’m sure, but here goes.

We ARE looking at this and considering what we can do. The back end system used by the client has changed which makes a “turn off” not a real proposition. We are looking at ways to reduce the nausea reaction some players are experiencing through other means.

It would be helpful if we got feedback about what in particular during the jump sequence is causing the most difficulty

I am sorry for those adversely affected,.

CCP Sisyphus | Team TriLambda | Team Klang | @CCP_Sisyphus

Here I am trying to help recruit new players into this game and you just re-release something that literally 97 PAGES of critique and comments where it was determined it needed to be worked on.

I can’t even fathom the ineptitude of whoever looked at this project and approved it without looking at the key points of issue that continually came up previously. It’s, a forced prospective issue, it’s repetitive and unnecessary, it completely ignores a user’s previous settings (by forcing bobbing and shaking and overriding the option chosen for offset camera).

Is it too much to expect your developers actually pay attention to players BEFORE it goes to the point where we have to threaten discontinuing subscriptions? I don’t want to quit this game but I also don’t want to nearly vomit every gate jump I make.


Tbh I hadnt noticed.

Generally after the click to jump Im looking elsewhere.

Orcas go very slow you know.

the most annoying thing for me is that white light flash when you enter jump gate, big flash right in your face/eyes… whole game is well balanced, mostly dark space, enen when you dock screen fade out and inside hangar view fade in, all well done and smooth… and now jump gates are horror for eyes, wonder if some people will not get some health issues with those flashes…


I like it so far, feels smoother, but I would like a zoom on my ship’s kill marks. Timing is still not optimal (the old wasn’t as well), as you appear in local 2-3s before you gain full control. Except dscan already works I think even a bit earlier.

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I did a lot of gate jumping earlier today and must say the animation looks nice.

I too have my camera shake off (same reason - getting a headache if I don’t), but I didn’t notice any issues with this animation. The camera perspective change in the tunnel looks nice and isn’t bad for me, and I really like that my camera distance at the end of the tunnel is back to what it was before entering. (I remember a version where we would forcibly zoom in to the ship! :sweat_smile:)

The animation feels quick and smooth, even though my dscan goes off right before the end, which means we load the system a bit before the animation stops. Nothing serious though, and it’s way better than the earlier version that got reverted.

One thing that bothers me a bit about the new jump: the soundeffects. Not sure what it is, but they annoy me. And yes, EVE has sounds, I like most of them!


I can see why the jump animation could be a problem for some people.


Endorsing this TL;DR from the General Feedback thread -


I think the effects upgrades in the jump animation are great, the main problem I have with it is the differences from in-system warping: removing player control of the camera during the process. A jarring switch from 3rd person, to first-person through the gate, and then back to 3rd person (new with this update) “over the shoulder” while a tunnel animation plays.

The developers are hiding a transition they wish to be as short as possible, preferably non-existent. In theater terms, the curtain comes down, to hide the stage being reset for the next scene.

Instead, consider creating a small game engine scene, which includes ship and gate, pre-cached for rapid switching when the Jump starts. Allow player camera control during these brief seconds. The scene would include the gate, presented exactly as the player last saw it when the jump starts, still showing the player’s ship as they last saw it, being flung through the gate - in third person.

Permit the player to spin the camera around their ship, zoom in and out under their control - through the entire process. Layer on the new tunnel animations. Goal: no apparent difference from in-system warping, except for a fancier “tunnel” animated backdrop.

The player’s ship can be seen to move rapidly under automatic gate control toward the opening of the gate, turn to face it, and then move through it - in a similar way over and over without feeling as repetitive - if the player has camera control during the process.


I like it…

I mean i play in 4k on a huge 4k TV so all of eve looks pretty amazing. I especially love it when going into the abyss. Feels like I’m really going through a portal.

(except the shitty cloned rocks they added to L4 missions, those graphical changes SUCK)


I do over a hundred jumps a day, and this nauseating animation is something I am not willing to watch 100+ times a day. I don’t see the point of it either, what was CCP’s motivation to implement this? For me it is the straw that broke the camels back. I’m not sure if this animation change is going to draw any more new players into the game, but it definitely will lose some over it.


I understand (I think) why they did it: visual bling and glitter and some people do like this kind of stuff.

Personally, I think the old version was way better. Definitely more functional, possibly less blingy but the ship flying away from my point of view in the new one as an animation is just vital tat IMHO and not something that adds much to the actual game itself.

There are positives about this patch, but I’m sorry Devs, I’m not sure that this is one of them.



I multibox. a lot.

My main characters seem to be ok during this new gate transition.
My dozens of alts seem to just get bright white flashes. If I happen to be paying attention, I feel some nausea.
I’m not sure that it would be my graphics card, unless having so many accounts per computer bogs it down more than i realized. Either way, I was a fan of the smoke tunnel. Not so much of this one.
Wont stop me from playing. I just haveto adapt. For example, I wont be viewing any of my alts if they jump to another system. I don’t think it’ll add any more danger. It’s highsec, afterall.
There is nobody dangerous in highsec. The few that try are… underwhelming.

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It is giving me motion sickness everytime …and also flash of light can be trigger for the people with epilepsi … did they add any settings to shut it off ?
Sory ramone i dont know why its replay to you im on ipad

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Im experiencing the same

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I do suffer from that too. Is there any way to shut down ?.. pleaseee i really need it in fights and fleets i cant hold up i afraid with constant nousea im turning my head look somewerelse everytime jump :cry:

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i kinda like the new gate jump
see the ship , i was not a fan of change to first person on jump
to me its a improvement


Its ok, happens

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I actually like the animation and haven’t had any issues with it. It feels more seamless than the old one.


It looks cool but it’s quick, barely have time to actually view it. However I did manage to grab a few screenshots over the course of doing multiple jumps. I think they should tone down the brightness / glare from the engine trails, makes it really tough to actually view the ship.