"New" jump animation and motion sickness

Quit EVE some two years ago or so since the (back then) new jump gate animation gives me bad motion sickness, even on the first jump. Been coming back to EVE since then twice a year or so. Installed, logged in, realized the jump animation can still not be turned off, left a negative feedback mentioning the issue via ingame tool and deinstalled.

Is there any chance for a “disable jump animation” feature any time soon? I take a simple black screen until the jump is done, i do not care. Or can i finally biomass and close this case?

In the Settings → Graphics & Display → there are two settings which might help with this, the Camera Shake and Camera Bobbing.



Hey Drew, cheers for chiming in and looking to help. Got both deactivated already but it is not stopping my problem. It is the travel through that tunnel which is causing the motion sickness. Not sure what exactly it is though, but my brain does not like it. I fly flight sims with head tracking for ages now and also played Elite Dangerous for quite a while with no issues. As jumping between systems is quite elemental to EVE, this is sadly a no-play for me since then.

From the feedback back when the new animation was introduced, i know i am not alone with this problem. Would be cool if there was a solution for this. Nothing fancy, just a checkbox in settings that gives a black screen and loading bar like we had in the past.

Not trying to be an ass, but have you tried not looking at the screen during jump? Back before the changes i would get white flashes between jumps and id have to look away if i was playing at night


Indeed tried that at first as it is the obvious solution. But, no offense, it really makes me feel like an idiot :smiley: It’s got that ‘strangers facing each other on the elevator’ vibe. If i was jumping twice an evening, id probably just get up and get a fresh glass of water. But not looking to turn that into an excessive long time habit. Also situations like when you stalk people through space: “Where did he warp to?” “Don’t know, was still staring at my book shelf so i do not have to puke” :smiley: No, i am really looking for an in-game solution for this. Cheers for trying to find a solution though, much appreciated!

Btw just FYI sometimes the warp animation glitches out and you are stuck in an infinite warp tunnel sequence until you dock up, jump, sign off or close the client.


Just a note, but you can always use the super potato mode while jumping. It’s toggled by ctrl+shift+f9 and turns off all non UI graphics, which is a big help for lower end pcs


I am new to the game and played almost non stop for the last 3 weeks. No issues.
Today I was feeling nations, light sensitive and had vertigo. Once I felt like this it persisted out of the game and I had no choice but to lay down. I’m not happy. Can weather increase chance of sea sickness? (its thundering out when this happened, I hope that’s it… doubt it)

I’ll check out the warp settings to disable but I also bought dramamine just in case… Ill be pretty upset if I can’t play… I like the game and paid to sub + bought a started pack…

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Thanks for this, did not know this feature. Definitely helps.

Yet i would like to see an option for turning the animation off via options. For convenience. The key combo for example does not work when you focus a text field like the chat and it still is quite annoying to hit the key on the long run (did rebind it to ^). Would be a great QoL feature.

We got ingame options for color blind people, why not add one for folks that are sensitive to certain visuals?

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