Singularity Test Server Update – 25 January 2021


Singularity Test Server received a new update, and there are several work in progress changes that will be trickling in throughout the week. We will be communicating on some of them in more detail via news articles, but for now, you can find a quick rundown of some changes expected on Tranquility in the monthly deployment in February (Version 19.01) below:

Fleet Discovery Improvements – a new way to find and create fleets. You can find more information on this in the news article. It is worth mentioning that any existing methods to look for and assemble fleets will continue working as usual for now when this hits live.

New Jump Tunnel Animation – we have been working hard on polishing and optimizing the new jump tunnel animation and are ready to test if everything is working as intended. Please check this forum post for information on how to participate in the Mass Test tomorrow, 26 January at 17:00 UTC.

Home is where the Clone respawns – we want to make it more prominent for Pilots to identify where their home station is in New Eden and make it easier to get items from the Redeem Queue where they need to be:

  • Removed the cost of changing your Home Station
  • Items from the Redeem Queue can now be redeemed directly to your home station – at first, this will only be available as an option on the Character Selection screen, but once it lands on Tranquility next month, you will be able to redeem items from the Redeem Window even when you are in space!
  • Moved the Clone Bay window into the Character Sheet
  • Updated the Home Station icon in the star map
  • Added a Home Station indicator to the overview

Quality of Life improvements – another batch of little things to make everyone’s time more enjoyable in EVE Online:

  • Added the ability to drag & drop systems, stations & structures from the search result window
  • Made it possible to delete entries from the history of Edit fields – say goodbye to all the mistyped names of ships and items cluttering your history
  • Booster duration is now displayed in human-readable formats
    image (15)
  • Added information about what is affecting modified attribute for modules to the Info window.
    image (16) image (14)

We are looking forward to seeing your responses, so please join the player discussion below and share your thoughts with fellow Pilots. Further, there are more things in the works from the EVE Development team, so keep your eyes peeled on the website and our Twitter and Facebook social channels to not miss a beat!



The drop you into space animation after a gatejump is absolutely annoying and wholly unnecessarily nauseating.


Loving the QoL improvements.


I was just testing setups for abyssals on the test server, and two of us managed to survive the timer running out while we were in the new jump tunnel. Haven’t tried to duplicate it yet though.

@Mr_Mekko That’s a known bug. Or it should be

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Agreed, having configurable options to turn off/on animations like the advertisements in stations, ships wobbling in space and warp tunnels are just as important as the animations themselves.

Lastly, for crying out loud, do something about the ‘jump’ option just warping a ship to gate and it sitting there idly until you spam the jump button 20 times. Same thing with autopilot routes not correctly selecting the next station in a route. I get there is a desire to reduce afk gameplay, but its just silly if the route gets messed up and I’m eating my cornflakes and mindlessly clicking jump, my ship will just go back and forth through the same gate until I notice the route is crapping out.


Quote from the linked article is disturbing “You can head over to the Singularity Test Server now to discover and try out all the functionalities of this new upcoming feature. If you do, please share your thoughts by joining the player discussion on the EVE Online forums, Twitter, or the EVE Online subreddit.”

Why is this not a violation of the rules regarding specifically restricted content and advertising? At what point did CCP start shilling for the cesspit of reddit on its own forums? Talk about Eve on the Eve forum, don’t encourage people to engage in such a toxic platform and give the reddit crowd a free lunch.


Maybe cause some people view the forums the same way you see reddit.


It’s not bug, timer stops as soon as you activate last gate, that is, if u manage to activate gate without timing out… u won’t die anymore (at least not from timing out). Proof is for example if you do T5 and get dreadnought building room… gate is open, as soon as you hit activate gate, all damage to you stops.

o lawd when i read the “deleting edit fields” i orgasmed slightly…

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great work,

amazing, will help us explain whats going on to the newbros a lot.

funny, after years of making notes converting seconds to anything that made sense thats another small but nice qol touch, would be good if that time included any extra from the biology skill or implants.

Remove the nafig this update, my head is spinning after passing through the gate


CCPlease. This feature is not really useful for FCs unless you add the option to create fleets from stored fleet setups. Literally the main features is missing.

Bookmark on objects doesn’t work. Fix bug pls

Ok with the video i was hoping at mimimum a way to warp fleet predisposioned in a certain formation.

So a lot of bugfix, but no change on the “rollback” on scarity who kill game, or ESS/DBS change . Ok let the game loose more player.

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Do though the disable new animation feature pass through the gate. I can’t play with this animation ,I already want to go to the toilet

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I believe you can do that through the regular fleet window, but then you have to create the advert through the agency fleet window

Jump Tunnel Improvement?


Stop wasting our $$$$ and just play The Girl from Ipanema elevator version from Blues Brothers and give us some BASIC, NEEDED improvements, like ships that don’t overshoot wrecks on the approach to looting.

Surely the AI in a spaceship can do that when even a Tesla has the technology.

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Love the new tunnel animation. Don’t understand all the negative about it. Ppl manage to cry about everything nowadays.