Singularity Test Server Update – 25 January 2021

Another Irony Meter busted.

Cannot bookmark wormholes from overview is this a feature of a bug?

With the old fleet finder, I can create a fleet from a stored setup right away, with advert settings etc. in place, no additional setup required.

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I like the quality of Life improvements, especially

Added the ability to drag & drop systems, stations & structures from the search result window
Booster duration is now displayed in human-readable formats

I use rarely fleets , play mostly solo, so I have no fleet improvements.

First upgrade since 10 month, which is not negative… so I’m happy.

Новые туннели просто СУПЕР!!! Очень красиво!

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I agree, I asked for this when it came out on PTR and for there to be a tickbox like the ‘dynamic camera movement’ option. It is a nauseating animation and not fun when doing 40 jumps. I suspect it will be a ‘red dot’ type situation though considering they’ve not done anything with the feedback so far.

If it’s going to be possible soon for FC’s to command their fleets/wings to assume V-shaped formations or form their different wings in tactical ways as portrayed in the Reign trailer, this quadrant looks awesome.

I’m seeing in the trailer a wall formation of Muninns, a V shaped formation of Eagles, a flat formation of Megathrons and an ending shot with a combination of these wing shapes all flying together as one.

If that’s going to be a thing that players can do with their fleet in the near future then I’m very excited. It’ll be a game changer. Generally the only two fleet shapes I’ve seen are round blobs and schools of fish. So yeah this would be really cool to see.

Going to post images for reference in the next 2 posts after this one.

Wall formation of Muninns.

V shaped Eagle fleet.

Horizontal flat formation of Megathrons.

Я неоднократно кидал в поддержку вот это :

, обнавления это прекрасно но старые проблемки ещё есть :hot_face:

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QoL improvements sound good.

BUT, and it’s a very big but, can you please give us an idea of how many people were clamoring for new jump tunnel animations? How about the number of FCs looking for changes to the fleet window?

Once again, disappointed in the complete waste of manpower put into something that NOBODY ASKED FOR!!! Spend the time fixing ■■■■ that’s broken, instead of breaking stuff that worked fine!


Heaven forbids the games developers ever create anything new that someone haven’t asked for.

@CCP_Dopamine I like what I see, Fleet window will need a bit of adaptation but its okay I guess, LOVE the ship formation in warp animations, immersive AF!


Glitch? My Osprey Navy Issue enterd a Calm Abyssal this morning… The launchers were not shown on the ship model ( empty)

I dont know if it was added, but I wouldnt mind being able to enable/disable the map “tear drops” added in for home and bookmarks.

The Multibuy is much easier to read - thanks…

BTW. the jumps look pretty nifty… was a sujprise to log in and see that… :slight_smile:

too bad, its cool

I have a lot of bookmarks, and now when I open my map, all I can see are this new grey eye-drop bookmark symbols, I can’t see any system dots, or names, or connections… I’m guessing no one who really play EVE didn’t try this before… Make option to remove bm from map, or to make them like they were before. LOL

I need to zoom in map to max, so I can navigate… And if I’m planning longer trip, there are now zoom in and out for 20-30 times…

This is very bad, all I can see in my map are thousands of grey bookmarks, not a single system name.

I noticed that instantly. It seriously pissed me off. I was doing a lot of jumps (something I FRIGGIN HATE and wound up doing a bunch of extra ones.

Its a gigantic increase in Signal Cartels workload.

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Or just make them colorless and smaller, this looks like children map.