Thoughts on the new Gatejump/Hyperspace transition


It’s a very nice touch-up of the wormhole effect, but seeing the ship physically fly passed inside the wormhole as you would see it in normal physical space, makes no sense, isn’t at all lore-friendly, and looks fake.

When a ship enters hyperspace in Eve, by the almighty words of the Space Pope himself, it is meant to “phase” your ship into the hyperspace realm, hence your ship disappearing on gate and reappearing on the other side.

Having a 3 dimensional representation of your ship makes no sense in Hyperspace, as it is beyond the 3 dimensional realm.

Thanks for clearing that detail out with your devs/creative team !

PS: Space Pope’s presentation for more info, and at the 23:00 mark for the gatejump mechanics.


It looks silly. Reminds me of that ship graphic from WoW back in 2007.

I haven’t got a chance to see it yet. They rolled back the changes before I logged in today…

Thoughts? It’s an incredibly stupid change. The animation itself is meh, but I can’t believe someone at CCP genuinely thought it was a good idea to make jumps take more time. Has nobody ever flown 30 jumps to get somewhere and realized that “cool animation” the first time very rapidly turns into “dammit can’t I just skip this”.


I think it should be longer maybe with more cowbells

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X2 had this in 2003 or 4 or something

Then they took it out again for some reason

X2 is dead… oh wait

If you want emptyness of space, there’s Elite Dangerous (which isn’t so dangerous)

Yeah. I want to think that somebody just plain thought this was cool and was mistaken. But this animation is so dumb and useless it gives me Forest Whitaker eye just to look at it.

not l33t to :smiley:

It has to either be all-in or nothing at the end of the day. Either everyone has that animation and there is no way to disable it, or people will disable it to save precious seconds while cloaked.

Why? If it’s opt-out then why does it matter if someone else disables it? You can disable it too and gain the exact same advantage.

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