Graphics for docking in stations

First, I would like to congratulate the teams on the new jump-gate tunnel graphics. Although the original first-person-shooter ride through a gate was well done, the new third-person view of the players current ship traveling through the tunnel is much more enjoyable. Good Job! Thank you for adding that!

My hope (feature-request) is that teams have been established to develop a similar presentation for ships entering stations. The ability to third-person watch the ship I’m piloting enter a station, and glide through tunnels to it’s berth, would enhance the joy of the Eve universe experience by improving continuity of immersion.



I second that.
Been wanting that for a few years without feeling the need to ask for it.
Thanks for starting the thread.
Fly Safe o7


Can you do a u-turn in that hangar access tube if you need to undock quickly again or are you stuck in 10 minutes of hangar tube cruising?

Just say no to realistic cargo loading times, kids.

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Where did you read “10 minutes” anywhere in the O.P ??
And why not be able to u-turn and undock? This isn’t the 80’s, game design and graphics have improved since then, just thought I’d let you know.

I think that was an intentional exaggeration… but still, i got the point. Right now it takes between 5 to 6 seconds to dock and undock again. Maybe 2 of those seconds are assets loading.

So either fit the animation on that window, or make it optional. I’d love to have something like that, though. As long as it’s not optional like CQ was.

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i like the new warp gates a lot

Well, that guy talks about gliding through tunnels, which indicates that it is not just the useless current hangar entering animation which already takes up to a minute. Projecting from that and the desire for more immersive hangar entering experiences, it’s unlikely going to be just a minute of racing through tunnels.

As for why not u-turn and undock. I’d find it very immersion breaking if I’d just undock again after I just almost arrived at my hangar dock, when all this guy wants is more immersion. :man_shrugging:

Maybe think first before you rage at other people.

The entire suggestion makes me wonder whether the OP uses the currently available hangar animations or not.

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You know CCP would do a glorious job.

But this would be release day/week/month/year image


I believe that option is active by default in Esc menu, right?

In which case the OP and others posting in this thread should know it.

A minute?? You have a very warped sense of time. It doesn’t even take 15 seconds.

Yes I think you’re projecting à little too much. I know you’re the resident Grouch but you don’t have to invent things that never were mentioned in the first place.

Why so? I sometimes undock right after docking or vice-versa and it doesn’t break my immersion. You’re just inventing stuff to be more of a grouch. Docking or undocking doesn’t break immersion, at all, nor u-turning would.

Who’s raging?
Maybe think and READ before playing the Resident Grouch on any and every idea that comes down the pike.

I don’t think anyone is really holding their breath on anything at this point. CCP won’t lift a finger unless it brings them money.

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My settings should be at the default level as I have not changed them.

The current docking animation goes one of two ways when in third-person view: 1) my request to dock is accepted, my screen transitions to my ship pulling into the berth; 2) my request to dock is accepted, my ship pixelates (similar to activating a cloaking device), then my screen transitions to my ship pulling into the berth.

It teleports. For your convenience.

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