I love the new graphics in Upwell structures

No idea where to put this, but I just want to say how impressed I am with the new player owned station graphics. It is far more immersive and all around prettier than before.


I saw a preview of it, graphics are definitely impressive…

It reminded me more of a shopping mall than a docking bay…

They are pretty impressive, but still wish they were a little less time consuming… When I undock, I want to get out and on my way quickly!

love them too, time to undock stayed the same so you probably mean to say you prefer insta undocking

Insta-undocking is nice too, I was referring specifically to what the hangar looks like from the inside.

I guess I’ll hop on this instead of creating a new thread, because firstly, I absolutely agree - the hangars look amazing and are a lot more immersive than the old station hangars, and seeing all your various ships next to each other in their berths makes them feel more “real” than just seeing the icons in the hangar list. And most of all, CCP deserves huge props for pouring significant resources into something that is just “pretty” and has zero interactions with any actual game mechanics (unless viewing all your expensive ships and the expensive skins on them in this way makes people go out and buy more, I guess).

Obviously there will be players who don’t care about “useless” pretty things at all and would rather see the time invested elsewhere, which is certainly an equally valid standpoint - and it’s not like EVE doesn’t have gameplay systems that could do with some work. (*cough*PI*cough*)

However, there are a lot of “Why would you do it like that?” design decisions that needlessly keep them from serving their purpose even better.

  • Like Photon UI, there is a ton of “padding” just everywhere, both in the design of the berths, and in the spaces between them as as well as between the platforms grouping them together. The result is that often when you look at one ship you can barely make out others in the distance due to all the open space, diminishing the feeling of seeing “your fleet”.
  • Compounding this is the weirdly random and spaced-out assignment of ships to berths - I have characters with no more than three ships, but they’re sitting on three different platforms with lots of free berths and huge empty spaces between them. You look at the hauler, and you can just about notice the frigates as tiny specks in the distance. If I only have three ships, they’re probably close to me and should be close together.
  • Also, often not all of your ships show up even though there would be more than enough berths available; instead often ships replace others in their berths only when activating them. (And they don’t need to be many or huge ships; it already happens with a dozen frigates.)
  • In addition to being way bigger than they’d need to be (and I understand designing separate hangar interiors for the various structure types would have increased the already huge effort even more, but sitting inside an Athanor feeling like it has the dimensions of a Keepstar is just odd), the hangars are actually too detailed and flashy, distracting from the ships when their actual purpose is to present them. Yes, they do look great, but the goal isn’t looking at fancy berths and incidentally maybe also ships in them.

I don’t mean this as complaining or “CCPlease”, and if there’s not another hour that goes into this, these are still so much greater than the old hangars, but obviously once you have something, even just something “pretty”, you’ll start finding things that don’t match your expectations or your idea of how it should be, so I thought I’d come here and make a wallpaper out of those things.

(My corpmates have also expressed disappointment about spinning being replaced by a narrow-range wobble for capital-sized ships, without even a spin counter so they can at least spin in spirit.)


Very well said and I agree 100% on all points… especially this one:

I mean I would prefer not to have to wait 2-3 minutes for the graphics to load, then kill the process and relog in order to be able to see what might be waiting outside the station to kill me, which HAS happened several times since the update. But my experience with CCP’s customer “tech support” is they will just blame my equipment setup and do nothing about it.

They do look good though.

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Is that two ships spawning on top of each other? LOL!

Worst “expansion” ever

havent seen the bug beside my long playing hours myself, graphics are great and a reason for anyone to invest to a good gpu now they fallen a bit

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I especially like the new docking and undocking animations of the ship backing into and pulling out of the parking spot.

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